Engr. Edward Meseko Genuinely Committed to Development of Yagba Land

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Most leaders are trained to lead with their heads, not their hearts. They are conditioned to put business before benevolence. 

Being a compassionate leader is more than just being a compassionate individual and caring for his people who is in pain. A compassionate leader, as well as being a generous person, encourages compassion and caring in the wider organisation and ramifications.

A compassionate leader encourages his followers to talk about their problems and to provide support for one another. 

Engr. Edward Olatunji Meseko is a unique and compassionate leader that listens and watch keenly before acting or responding to issues and all he is concerned about is the welfare of his people of Yagba land and his followers, irrespective of your tribe, age or religion.

It is easy to identify some of the attributes that sets Engr. Edward Olatunji Meseko apart as a compassionate leader amidst of others.

Engr. Meseko is a leader that manage his mood; he knows feelings and he use positive emotions to inspire, not infect others with negative, de-motivating feelings.

He put people before procedures. He is willing to set aside or change outmoded or emotionally dissonant rules and regulations for the greater good and welfare of his people.

He has empower the youths, shown sincerity by sharing books to school children in Yagba land and even the women in Yagba land are not left out in his heartfelt consideration. He genuinely care for the well-being of others and have a humane side that puts others needs before his own.

He leads passionately and purposefully with a shared vision that plays on the positive, energising and renewing power of hope in his followers. He engages his people of Yagba land in open dialogue and speak candidly with truth, humility, respect and conviction and make it safe for his people to do so too.

Engr. Edward Olatunji Meseko has been rewarded and conferred with several honours like Kogi Youth Alliance’s award, Takete Students Union award, to mention few of them. 

He is connective and receptive, he read what his people of Yagba land are thinking and feeling. This empathetic connection keeps him in touch and in tune with them.

He takes positive and affirming actions. He acts out of compassion, he doesn’t just pay lip service to a course, he make a promise, acts on it and keep it.

I pray that God will continue to give him the zeal, resources and grace to continue his services and benevolence to mankind.

– Comrade Temitope Olufemi
President, Kogi Youth Alliance.

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