Engr. Abdulmalik: A God’s Messenger of Liberation for Kogites

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I think the manifestation of the famous tale of Israelites versus Pharaoh of Egypt in the holy book is apparent here. God allowed His children (the Israelites) to undergo certain hardship in the hands of Egyptians because Moses was in the making. Even though it was easy for Him been the creator of the creatures to change Pharaoh’s heart for the favor of the Israelites, He was patient because at the right time, not only will the Israelites be freed, the omnipotent of God will be revealed to Egyptians.

Taking your mind back on those degradable events that thronged from the realms of governance in the last three years will make this post boring for my amiable readers. As a matter of fact, it will be a recalling of the process of an injury through which the scar was sustained.

Kogi state has had her fair share of ineptitude, monism, sycophancy and other political caboodle. In fact, the state has been on the lips of everyone for obviously odd reasons. And like king Pharaoh of Egypt, the perpetrators of these monstrous crime against humanity find solace in doing so. They were never perturbed by the increasing hunger, unemployment, insecurities and other socio-economic morass currently raging the land.

Instead, they have stiffened and may probably drive Kogi state into seeking global succor if they eventually return to power in 2019. But God almighty has forbidden that.

Fellow Kogites, let me quickly admit here that it’s possible for a discerning mind to conclude that Kogi state has been plunged to abyss, considering the the fact that though, it luckily produced the youngest governor in the history of Nigeria’s democratic rebirth, it’s been flaunted as the state governed by the most clueless and incompetence leaders of the century. I will also admit here that the two ex-leaders who happened to be in-laws were also prominent in their own errors. But for the fact that inevitable circumstances had relinquished power to the minority for the first time, I had expected that Kogi state amidst her numerous abundance of nature will be speedily driven on the part of socio-economic development.

But reverse is now the case as, payment of salaries to civil servants and even political appointees have been politicized. Survival has become a jungle game where only the fittest survives. Security upheavals is at it’s peak. And in a nutshell, people are resorting to the most abominable suicidal acts in a bid to end the ungodly and perpetual catastrophe brought upon the land. 

Each time I sit for sober reflections, fellow Kogites I weep profusely for my inability to reconcile the fact that such mayhem could be unleashed on a once most peaceful state in Nigeria- The confluence home of the most industrious and easily contented people. The peace loving and law abiding Kogites.

But help is on the way! I see a brighter light on the horizon. I see a Kogi state that will soon be envied by all and sundry. I see a Kogi state where the unborn generation will find themselves lucky to have originated from. I see our economy fully restored. I see the confluence city becoming a global destination for tourism. I see a revitalized industrious youths. I see a Kogi state where civil servants will not have to spend their monthly pay and waiting for it’s endless arrivals. I see the Kogi state with equal opportunities. I see the Kogi state where democracy will be fully celebrated in all election seasons. I see the Kogi state where the essence of good governance- equitable distribution of common wealth, is taken into cognizance.

Finally, I see the most economically developed and viable Kogi state with Engineer Abdulmalik Muhammed Adama, a renowned technocrat, democrat and progressive mind of our time. A man who believes in the capacity of Kogi state to cater for the overwhelming needs of the people. A lover of all and a humanitarian ambassador. A globally exposed industrialist with experience and connections that cut across every sector of human endeavors. A man whose aspirations detest the politically infectious godfatherism syndrome.

His political mandate which will soon transform into a movement will champion the cause of humanity and revamp the already dilapidated economy of the state.

I know you may want to ask; why are we canvassing for a man who has not identified with any political party? Perhaps, a man who is residence offshore.

Fellow Kogites, an overview of the current socio-economic and political challenges will clear any doubt. Just as the saying goes; the best way to solve a problem is to identify its cause. The antidotes to the current political quagmire requires a global experience and affiliation.

However, the necessity of identifying an aspiration with a political party is in fulfillment of democratic principle. Otherwise, Nigeria’s political parties despite its diversity has no cognitive objective contrary to the party mens’ interest. Therefore, if you ask me, the best brain for Kogi’s economic, political and social reform is that with untainted social history. An academically inclined and financially stable with a distinctive humanitarian gestures. A vast knowledge of the various gift of nature with a distinctive analysis that will see through a judicious use of those resources.

Finally, a non member of the devilish caucus and conspicuous human killer- The comprador class of political bourgeois (godfathers and their loyalist). This is where Engineer Abdulmalik Muhammed Adama stood as the best man for the job. As an industrialist, he is currently an MD/CEO of a world class aviation services. This means Engineer Abdulmalik Muhammed Adama is an employer of labour. As a humanitarian ambassador, AMA left his business and the comfort offshore for two years to Kogi state where he toured every nooks and crannies of the state, alleviating poverty from among the people.

Most amazingly, his governorship aspirations is just a ‘one tenure’ mandate that will transform Kogi state for good after four years. Now, you may want to ask, how possible could this be? Here is your answer; First, Nigeria is too blessed to be poor. Secondly, Kogi state is so naturally endowed that if what we have is judiciously used, even an unborn baby will be too rich to be nurtured by its parents. It may appear funny but that is the gospel truth.

There are two things that actually killed us as a people; The cost of governance and,lack of political will.Imagine a governor, after eight years of unwarranted allocating of resources to himself, he will still be entitled for life pension. This will be a tale for tomorrow’s moonlight.

Fellow Kogites, its possible for us to boast of a world class road in less than a year. Its possible to boast of uninterrupted power supply in less than a year. A free and standard Medical system is achievable in less than a year. A world class Educational system with the most qualified teachers and a credible environment for learning is possible in less than a year. Kogi state has what it takes to put those things in place but, what is virtually lacking is political will to achieve them. That’s why we must look beyond ethnic or social differences and cultivate on these virgin land (vote AMA) for a bountiful harvest.

We must unite and speak in one voice. Unless, you are not pained that your father, mother, uncle, brother, sister, friend and relative is a direct victim of this visionless Yahaya Bello’s government.

We must take Kogi back or forever remain on our toes. And Engineer Abdulmalik Muhammed Adama is out to liberate, reposition and restructure Kogi state for us and the unborn generation.As another election season gathers momentum, take a sober reflection and decide whether to be responsible for your own destiny or forever remain a refugee in your fatherland.Kogi state is for all of us. And not only for the lions and Jackals of Lugard house.

We shall meet again. God bless Kogi State.

– John Paul

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