Emergence of Atta Igala Designate, Prince Mathew Alaji Opaluwa, Historic – Ojuju Agbadufu

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The council of Ojuju Agbadufu Igala has congratulated the Ata Igala designate, Prince Mathew Alaji Opaluwa whose emergence as the Ata Igala was announced on Monday by the Kogi state government.

Speaking to newsmen in Idah, the traditional headquarters of Igala kingdom, the President-in-Council of Ojuju Agbadufu Igala Forum, Mr. Christopher Ukwenya, said the return and emergence of the Ata Igala from his hunting expedition is historic and that Igala nation will be greatly influenced by his emergence to lead the affairs of the Igala Nation at this critical time of their existential history and development.

“The emergence of Prince Mathew as Ata designate is fundamentally historic. It is historic in two sense – first, that it is the longest selection process for an Ata to emerge in our recent history. Our Ancestors must have taken their time and due diligence to select the most suitable at this critical time of our history.

“Secondly, for over a century now, the Ameachor royal lineage has not occupied the seat. It is historic that he is the person who has reconnected his lineage with the Ata stool and so will do his best to move the land forward,” Ukwenya said.

He said the robust experience of the Ata designate having worked for decades as a public servant is a fitting criteria that will help him navigate through the complex nature of our lives as a people and the demands of the land.

“We are aware that he has spent most of his youthful life and years up to adulthood in the public sector, he has interacted with people of different characters and creed. This wealth of experience over the years would in no doubt be a good advantage for the revered stool of Ata Igala”

The President-in-Council, on behalf of the Council of Ojuju Agbadufu Igala, also thanked the Governor of the State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello for his fairness and non interference in the entire selection process leading to the emergence of HRH Mathew Alaji Opaluwa as the Ata Igala.

He also thanked the Igala Area traditional Council and the kingmakers for their diligence and fair play in the selection process and prayed to God and our ancestors to guide the steps of the Ata Designate.

He called on all Igala sons and daughters all over the world to give their maximum support and cooperation to the new Ata Igala as in “Onu N’Oja, Oja La N’Onu”.

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