Embracing Change, Celebrating Victory: Osaseyi Congratulates Kogi Governor Elect, Usman Ododo

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Dear Governor Elect, Alhaji Usman Ododo,

On behalf of the entire Ijumu APC campaign council, I extend my warmest congratulations on your resounding victory in the recent elections. Your triumph not only represents a personal achievement, but also serves as a testament to your dedication, vision, and the widespread support you have garnered from the citizens of our dear state.

As we enter this new phase of leadership, we would like to remind you of the legacies left behind by Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello. Our great state has experienced immense growth and progress under his guidance, and it is our fervent hope that you will continue to build upon those foundations with equal fervor.

It is imperative that you lead an all-inclusive government, one that actively seeks the input of all segments of society. By fostering an environment of collaboration and dialogue, you will ensure that the diverse voices and perspectives of our citizens are heard and respected. Such inclusivity will undoubtedly propel our state towards greater heights.

As members of the DG Ijumu APC campaign council, we are fully committed to the betterment of our state and the well-being of its citizens. We hereby assure you of our unwavering readiness to take on any responsibility necessary for the progress and development of our dear state. We offer our expertise, experience, and dedication to serve in any capacity that aligns with the good interest of the citizens.

Once again, please accept our heartfelt congratulations on this momentous occasion. May your tenure as Governor be filled with accomplishments, positive change, and a lasting impact on the lives of our people.

With utmost respect and support,

Hon Richard Osaseyi
DG Ijumu APC Campaign Council.

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