Elere Samuel Emerge President of Mopa Welfare Society

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It was celebration galore on the 9th of September 2022 at the National Secretariat of Mopa Welfare Society as the public affairs analyst, published poet, Journalist and human capital development practitioner was elected as the National President of the Society.

Below is the official Statement released by the new President,

It has pleased God almighty to make me the President of Mopa Welfare Society, a 79 year old association which is the apex sociocultural organ of Mopa people home and abroad.

So, I am using this platform to the knowledge of all Mopa citizens, my mentors, friends, colleagues and family to pay my vow of gratitude and my sacrifice of thanksgiving to the creator and master of the universe. Indeed it is of the Lord that showeth mercy through Christ Jesus and not by dexterity or strength.

As matter stand now, it is an uphill task because all Mopa citizens in tune with homeland situations know that we have gone below acceptable standard…

I have accepted the challenge and committed it to the highest power on earth and in heaven, and below is my acceptance speech..

It’s been a long and expensive wait
We lost grounds, slipped and crawled
They scorned us as we trudged
We (Mopa) that they sang praises of…
‘Da rere oo Imopa darere lode
We that they dreaded and feared?
Not for evil but for great accomplishments
They started singing to mock us
Gbogbo ipo ghenitoba kembele mon?
All because we waited and slipped.

We waited for government – Forgetting they didn’t build our General Hospital
We waited for politicians – Forgetting they didn’t build our water system
We waited and waited and like Tuface said, “we don dey lose weight” finish.

Yes we waited and slipped
But we are not dead and buried,
Now is time to arise and move…
We can’t wait any longer
Posterity will hold us to account
History will not be kind to us
For if our fathers waited ESSMO would’ve been aborted
Without which I may not stand here today, like so many…
Procrastination would have swallowed water works
And many may have died of avoidable diseases…

We will not wait for the government again (After all we are building court for them now)
We will not wait for politicians again ( eri ghan fon aka ku ni?)
We’ll hold ourselves and look up to Zion (Imonle wa yio si tan) okuku ti bere bain, ab’eri street light ni?
We won’t wait for anybody (Eemakun iye oni beni hun, afolomomoloju ti…

So, Like Nehemiah said when Jerusalem wall was in ruins…
It is time to arise and build Mopa —- I am inviting you all to join us.
And I pray, when the roll of honour is called
You and I shall be worthy.

Thank You all.
I remain yours most Respectfully,

Elere Samuel

We wish him a very successful tenure.

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