Echoes From The Past: Teacher Oladele Dada, An Emblem of Dedication, Discipline

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During my secondary school days at Titcombe College Egbe (TCE), if all Titcombite, past and present, were to converge in an auditorium where each person will be availed the opportunity to say a word about the character of the then principal, Teacher Chief Oladele Dada, popularly known as ‘DD’, I doubt if there will be a single student, better still, 5% of all students present, who will speak good of the principal.

We tagged him wicked, callous, too strict, devilish and all sort of derogatory words and devil-like names will inevitably make the wave. We all speak ill of the principal. We always wish him transferred from Titcombe college.

In my journey through the world, I have come to realise there is no such dignified personality with a very high level of integrity, passion, commitment and dedication to duty as Teacher Dele Dada.

Our thoughts of him back then as students were nothing but mere misconception of a man who had so far led a principled and philosophical life. I make bold to say our misconception of Teacher Dele Dada was the result of our unwillingness to live a principled, philosophical and decent life. We are a student who aren’t ready to obey the school rules and regulations and as well never ready to  abide by the well articulated code of ethics.

As a class captain who almost resigned (a story for another day), Teacher Dele Dada taught me to be hardworking, make sacrifices for the sake of humanity, be of unquestionable integrity, utmost dedication to duty and most importantly,  venerate and reward merit rather than favouritism.

Six years down the memory lane, I and other well meaning Titcombite haven’t deviated from the path of hard work which we were taught at the great citadel of knowledge.

So far, we cannot take anything away from Chief Dada led administration on our route to success in life. Six years don waka, we still dey carry go……as Dada products. We now want our name to be affiliated with Chief Dada and the prestigious Titcombe College.

Teacher Dada is indeed a role model and a proud father with many children. We are proud to be call Dada products!

God bless Teacher Chief Oladele Dada, Afade’gbasaga of Yorubaland.
 God bless Titcombe College.

– Adeyemi Babarinde Sunday writes from Odo Ere, Kogi State.

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