Ebira Mountaineering 2023: An Unforgettable Success

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The recently concluded Ebira Mountaineering 2023 has left participants and spectators alike in awe as participants from the five Local Governments in Kogi central competed fiercely to win the coveted 1 million naira cash prize. The event took place at the breathtaking Obo-Okehi mountain, captivating everyone with its stunning beauty.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as participants embarked on their journey to conquer the peak of the mountain. The navigational skills, resilience, and stamina showcased by the participants were nothing short of remarkable. Spectators watched with keen attention, immersing themselves in the excitement and exhilaration of the competition.

After a series of intense challenges and nail-biting moments, the winners emerged triumphant. In the male category, Yusuf Abdulmalik Adinoyi from Adavi secured the first-place position, while Fache Elizabeth from the same Local Government claimed victory in the female category. The runners-up in the male category were MomohJimoh Zulkanein from Adavi, and Salihu Khalimat Anavami from the female category. They will undoubtedly be remembered for their exceptional performance.

Representing Ajaokuta, Audu Muhammed Ojo secured the first-place position in the male category, while Mariam Abdulrahaman emerged victorious in the female category. The runners-up were Rufai Ogirima Abdulateef and Abdusalam Hafsat. Ogori’s male contestant, Usman Torha Muhammed, triumphed in the male category, with Nafisat Audu Oyiza claiming the first-place position in the female category. David Boyi and Nana Aisha Ondeku bagged the runners-up positions.

From Okene, Timothy Daniel showcased his exceptional skills in the male category, while Rukaya Abdullaziz dominated the female category. Ohida Karim and Toiba Hussein gave an outstanding performance and secured the runners-up positions in their respective categories. Adeiza Philip and Onimisi Grace from Okehi dominated the male and female categories, respectively. Usman Ismaila Ozovehe and Aisha Kadir were the runners-up in their categories.

Adding to the excitement of the event, a fashion and modelling paparazzi segment was also incorporated into the Mountaineering, bringing glamour and creativity to new heights. Models and fashion brands graced the runway, captivating the audience with their style and panache.

The event was an overall success, leaving participants feeling excited and anticipating the next edition of the Ebira Mountaineering. Prominent figures in society, including Alhaji Abu Imam, the Dan Amana of Ebiraland; Prof. Solomon Avidime, the chief medical doctor of Reference Hospital Okene; Hi-speed, the most celebrated artist in Kogi State; Mr Suberu Onimisi, the chief organizer of Ebira Carnival; and several other dignitaries graced the event to show solidarity and motivate the participants.

The Ebira Mountaineering 2023 has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the participants and spectators, showcasing the spirit of resilience and determination. This event will be remembered as a testament to the strength and endurance of the participants who conquered the mighty Obo-Okehi mountain.

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