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We write to bring to the awareness of the good people of Kogi state, the central part of the state to be specific, about the impertinent refusal of Anebira to entrust Ogori people with representative position both at the lower and upper chambers of the National Assembly.
Since the creation of Kogi state with three major ethnic groups namely; Okun, Ebira and Igala, Anebira have agitated for political power shift with all forms of violence and intimidation as a result of the domination of the state by Igalas who sees governorship as their birthright. This agitation also led to attrition of youths in Ebiraland whose lives were taken in the cause of ensuring power shift was experienced by Anebira. In those days, Anebira were determined in addressing their disconsolateness for power shift and never saw the pain of marginalization melted on the people of Ogori/Magongo caused by their avidity and lack of moral senses to acknowledge the very thing they preach against in public was greedily endorsed in secrecy.
The people of Ogori/Magongo have been brushed aside owing to some purported lies making waves in Ebiraland that they are not Anebira with little or no tribal affliction, thereby regarding Ogori/Magongo as a minority ethnic group in the central. This ideology persisted for long until the struggle of late Gen. Emmanuel Abisoye rtd and other reputable men of the soil came into physical being when Ogori/Magongo local government was established with its headquarter in Akpafa. The neglect and marginalization became annoying as the struggle of self-liberation yielded no positive results, rather it was more a struggle to fuel marginalization at a higher point of annoyance on the side of Ogori/Magongo.
Today, almost all Anebira subscribe to the opinion that on no circumstances should the people of Ogori/Magongo be made to represent Okene/Ogori/Magongo constituency at the federal House of Representatives. This ethnic superiority and dominance of Anebira was a major issue the Late AT Ahmed intended to expurgate if elected Governor before death claimed his life.
Doubtless, power is intoxicating and an unquenchable desire accompanies it, but if one fails to understand that the same power is ephemeral and is given by God. A replica of the accidental occurrence in 2015 gubernatorial election may find its way in again, it might not be exactly how it occurred, somehow the possibility remains unpreventable.
The people of Ogori/Magongo have demonstrated commendable and satisfactory willingness of endurance, and this is the time they should be given leadership position to test their own competence and shrewdness in representation which will no doubt amount to proper representation.
You can’t do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results when there seems to be other alternatives, any aspirant who is not emerging from Ogori/Magongo is strictly engulfed by selfishness and the desire to accumulate wealth, not for exceptional representation as it ought to be, this is chiefly a call to duty and not pleasure as a two-term House of Representatives member termed it.
Biography of Ilori Duro-Jaiye Ahmed Omeiza, a.k.a. DURAN.
Ilori Duro Jaiye Ahmed Omeiza hails from Ogori/Magongo local government area of Kogi state, and his maternal home from Okene where he had his primary education at St. Andrew primary school in Okene. He then proceeded to Government day school Ahache where he had his  secondary certificate. He is a maniac for enlightenment and wisdom so, he didn’t stop like some leaders of today, he proceeded for his BSc in Accounting at University of Ado-Ekiti now Ekiti State University.
His exemplary leadership style was manifest at the university and his show of selfless contribution to the growth of humanity, education and societal development greatly contributed to his success. He was offered a job with United Bank of Africa (UBA) in the early years of 2008 where he served as an operational and relationship officer, at early stage of 2013 he preceded for better ambition abroad, where he currently works as professional planning schedule in sewage treatment company, Protec Technical service (PTS) in Doha, Qatar where he has acquired lot of experience in project management.
His political ambition aroused his solidification for further studies as an experienced politician who knows handling the affairs of political post doesn’t require Secondary school certificate or ordinary BSc in Accounting, he moved forward to obtain project management professional certificate from MMTI Doha Qatar (PMP), diploma in international health and safety certificate afflicted to British and other professional qualifications too numerous to mention. With these phenomenal and noteworthy qualifications which have presumably made him stand physically, mentally and economically outstanding among other aspirants aspiring for same political position. Ilori Duro Jaiye Ahmed runs and NGO committed to the welfare of orphans and widows both home and abroad.
His philanthropic gesture toward humanity is second to none. Ilori Duro-Jaiye was born to the families of Mr. Ilori who was an inspector at Adavi divisional police office was known for his uprightness and holier-than-thou attitude, as he was sarcastically called by his fellow cohort. All through his life as police officer, he dedicated his life to absolute extermination of any forms of corrupt practices before his demise. His wife Madam Aminatu Ochesuru “Onyi ani Ihima” is a woman worthy of imitation. On the account of his augmentation and contribution to societal development, a woman who deem innovative ideas and opinions effectual was the first person that commenced rural electrification in Agassa GRA, Okene, Kogi state where she lives at present. She has contemptuously frowned at poverty in the community which makes her also occupy a sizable seat among philanthropic leaders of all time, often for her blunt words of condemnation at injustice, marginalization, malfeasance and inequality, an exemplary, equitable and incorruptible mother of all. One will not expect less form Ilori Duro Jaiye Ahmed who has chosen to align himself on the footpath of his blameless parents. His political ambition is driven by equality, liberty, stability and praiseworthy representation if elected. A man worthy of measurement of Ogori/Magongo competence.
Vote Ilori Ahmed Duro-Jaiye Omeiza for house of representative come 2019, stamp out politics of favoritism, tribal dominance. It is Ogori/Magongo time to rule.
– Ibrahim Ibrahim
For: Close Watch Media
Garki, Abuja.

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