Dr Omede Idris Admonishes Moslem Faithful, Nigerians to Preach Peace, Unity, Development at Eid Fitr Celebration

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A former National President of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN), Dr. Omede Idris, has called on Moslem faithful and Nigerians to preach peace and unity, being panacea for all round developments, as the country prepares to swear in and inaugurate the newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Vice President Elect, Elected State Governors, Senators, Members of the House of Representative and members of State Houses of Assembly following the recently completed general election in the Nigeria.

He made the call and appeal at the end of the 2023 (1444A.H) Ramadan fast in the month of Ramadan, across the globe.

Dr Omede, who is also a former Commissioner of Health, Kogi state, stated that the “Ramadan fast period is a period of spiritual rejuvenation and the lessons from it should serve as guide and reminder of the essence of living and expectations of us as mortals between ourselves and our creator now, always and for the future.

“The joy of it should continually reverberate in us for common good.”

The former NMA President further stated that “As a nation, we need peace and decorum exhibited by the constituent members of the nation for continuous and further progress. This cannot be compromised.”

He went further to state that “development and nation building is a moving target. We can strive to perfection and attainment through a bearable environmental condition and other interplay, realizing that only the Omnipotent is the perfectionist. Life should be sacrosanct, as we remain mindful that sometimes, things happen within and sometimes beyond our comprehension. We should not lose this grip and understanding in all that we do.

“Surely, as individuals, institutions and system we must continue to explore and get things better, greater and brighter through conscious optimism and actions while allowing constituent arms of government to carry out their constitutional responsibility”.

In the same vein, the former Health Commissioner advised state and non-state actors on the forthcoming Kogi state off-season governorship election, later this year.

He opined that “it must be realized that democratic election ordinarily and acceptably is and should be a peaceful and civil leadership selection process, where some peoples’ gain or victory , is some other peoples’ loss. That is life. May we get to that level in the not too distant future, whereby elections are rancor free or rancor at the barest minimum .

“Election dictates should be centered on superior reasoning, better preposition, preparations and track record devoid of inducement and intimidation”. It is expected that this will come to bear in the forthcoming Kogi state governorship election and elections in Nigeria generally.

The former professional association leader, gave adoration and glory to Allah as the nation and the world celebrates Eid el Fitr, and moves forward to memorable change of guards and leadership at state and federal level in May 2023.

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