Dr. Olufemi Bolarin, First Farmer to Head Kogi Agric Ministry

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The Public Relations Officer of the Kogi State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ms Dorothy Onoja has described the newly appointed commissioner, Dr Olufemi Abolarin as the first “farmer” that would be assigned to the ministry

Dr. Olufemi Bolarin is a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Ilorin until his appointment as commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Olufemi was Departmental Coordinator for Community Based Experiences and Services (COBES) Programme. He is a Participatory Approaches (PRA/PLA) Trainer and Practioneer. A strong advocate of Pro-Poor Development, using the Right –Based Approach (RBA).

As an Extensionist he possesses a robust skill in oral and written communication with proven knowledge of Farmers-Led-Extension and Agricultural Project Management. He is able to work effectively in a diverse team environment, creative and able to take Initiatives at crucial times.

His research interests includes, Media use in Agriculture, Participatory Vulnerability Analysis (PVA) of the Poor and Vulnerable, Impact of Beekeeping on the livelihood of the Beekeepers, Participatory Research and Action


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0 thoughts on “Dr. Olufemi Bolarin, First Farmer to Head Kogi Agric Ministry

  1. aiyenigbaola

    Dear Sen. Melaye,
    Pursuant to my earlier promise to keep an open line of communication with you on issues concerning your conduct as they affect our people, it will be out of place not to comment on the inauguration on 27th January, 2016 in Lokoja. I must congratulate the good people of Kogi state for keeping the peace before, during and after the election which puts to lie the insinuations that there will be breakdown of law and order. This message will be acerbic and it is not out of acrimony but a deliberate effort to make you see the picture you portrayed during the event and the effect on our people.
    I must congratulate you however, on yet another successful opportunistic exploit. Your ability to abundantly reap amidst confusion though not surprising never ceases to amaze me. Knowing your antecedence, I knew as soon as the convoluted situation engendered by the political conundrum in our state emerged that you will join the fray and be at your egregious egocentric best to reap the most out of the confusion. Lest I digress from the main issue, you are worthy of commendation for the enviable bombastic presentation on inauguration day which many in the crowd applauded you for but in truth, it was nothing but the boorish manifestation of an upstart overwhelmed by his new status; simply put crass overweening. The mawkish attachment you showed has really exposed the real motives for all your action and utterance since the inconclusive saga was contrived. If with all your superciliousness, the best you could offer as inauguration committee chairman is the laughable spectacle we all witnessed at the confluence stadium in Lokoja then you have confirmed the suspicion of many of your unworthiness as the representative of our people. Throughout the ceremony, you wore ignominy as an epaulette of honour and your “performance” provokes questions that need urgent answers because it revealed a rare messing up borne out of envy but; do you put your cap on your navel simply because you are quarrelling with your head?
    Away from the inauguration, it has become imperative for us to review your activity since you assumed duties in the national assembly as it affects your constituents. So far, it has been a hustling spree that has put you in the news for the wrong reasons but okay by you considering your orgiastic predisposition for stunts. In one of my previous letters to you, I gave reasons why you cannot afford to fail and impressed it on you that self-centered representation is not going to be acceptable. For instance, there is no Constituency office for Kogi West seven months after your inauguration and unfortunately you regard yourself more a Kwara Senator which is ironic considering what your immediate predecessor did. You cannot identify a single venture you have embarked on that will enhance the lives of your constituents rather your philanthropy have been directed to people outside your constituency as your actions have been for personal aggrandizement. You have shown that your greed motivates your alliances and what you do; you are feeding your greed and ostentation on the hopes and aspirations of our people. You have mistaken our deliberate short-sightedness to your antics and pranks for blindness and it’s about time this pure delusion on your part is cleared. As a senator, you have become more of an albatross than an asset; in fact it would not be erroneous to describe you as the bane of our development in Kogi West. Your mercantilist approach to representation is no longer acceptable because your parasitic political disposition is really emasculating the chances for a better Kogi West Senatorial District. In you, our people are facing the devil after ‘happily” killing a demon. In furtherance of my admonition to you that you shape up or be prepared to be booted out, you are expected as soon as possible to open a constituency office as provided by law failing which appropriate legal action will be initiated and pursued to correct the anomaly. Henceforth, any action on your part that subsumes the will of our people to your personal interest will be resisted with all the resources I can mobilize and harness.
    This is going to be the last warning for you to focus and do what is right but if you persist in your recalcitrance, appropriate remedy within the law will be applied; trust me, that is one road you don’t want to take. Be guided by this passage from the Holy Books; HE, THAT BEING OFTEN REPROVED HARDENETH HIS NECK, SHALL SUDDENLY BE DESTROYED WITHOUT REMEDY – Proverbs 29:1. Its translation in Yoruba is; OMO TA NBAWI TO NWARUN KI, YIO PARUN LOJIJI LASI ATUNSE. May the Lord give you the grace to recognize the vanity in your engorged ego and be humbled by the transience of your present position.
    Aiyenigba Olalekan


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