Don’t Confer Chieftaincy Title on Gov Bello, Group Tells Ata Igala

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The people of Igala kingdom in Kogi east senatorial district have asked the Ata Igala, Dr Michael Idakwo Ameh Oboni, to reconsider his decision to confer a chieftaincy title on the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello and two other persons.

They said it was wrong for the monarch to confer the title on the governor barely three weeks to the governorship election in the state.

The governor is to be honoured chieftaincy title of Oga-Onu Ata by the monarch.

A letter by the president-in-council, Ojuju Agbadufu Igala, a socio-cultural group, Chris Ukwenya, on Wednesday, said the people were “opposed to the conferment for its timing, lack of justification and the fact that it is one-sided and suggestive.”

The letter, which was addressed to the Ata Igala, said the announcement of the day of the conferment had generated high magnitude of the public disenchantment because of those involved.

The people added that the monarch should postpone or cancel the ceremony till a more auspicious time when it is justifiable and after the governorship election to prevent the people from giving it political interpretations.

The group explained that since Bello would be contesting against some Igala sons, conferring the title on him days to the election would be a direct endorsement of his candidacy.

The letter read, “We wish to remind your Majesty, that the celebrated Idah-Anyigba road that his administration met half completed is yet to be completed almost four years into his administration.

It would have been most appropriate if his visit to Idah on the 25th would be to come and commission the said road that is so dear to your heart but no, He is coming to campaign to be given another four years to continue perpetuating evil on our land and state.

“As one of our reminders, your Majesty, Your kingdom, Igala Nation has been the worst hit by the unpopular and anti-people policies of Governor Yahaya Bello.

“Key amongst the policies of retrenchment of Kogi workers affected more of your children than any other as the majority of those retrenched were Igalas. This was not because they did not meet up with civil service requirements but merely because they are Igala.

“Under his administration, your Majesty, hunger, starvation, depression and suicide became a way of life for our people with record numbers of avoidable deaths. This is the worst that has happened to us.

“Our hospitals are in a bad shape, insecurity is at a feverish pitch and the educational system is abysmally nauseating. A peep into the Kogi State University which is on your soil will tell it all, Your Majesty

“Recent amongst his condemnable acts is the recent criminal-like treatment of Elder Simon Achuba and his ultimate removal as Deputy Governor of the State as against the position of the law and the panel of enquiry set up to investigate him.

“Conferring this title on him will be tantamount to telling the world that he has done exceedingly well, which is contrary to the reality on ground, Your Majesty.”

The people, however, said if the Ata Igala insists on the conferment, he should also honour candidates of other political parties standing for the election.

Credit: Tribune

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