Don’t Build Castles in The Air, Emir of Kano Counsels Kogi Gov

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…I am not happy with what am hearing about you, how do you ensure security when you are not paying workers salaries?
Emir Muhammadu Sanusi of Kano has urged Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello not to build the castles in the air and advised against unfulfilled promises.
The former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria said this during a ceremony where Kogi Governor was given an award by the Inspector General of Police in recognition of his qualities and his efforts at improving security in the state.

After congratulating Gov. Bello on the award, the Emir said; “I am not happy with what am hearing about you, how do you ensure security when you are not paying workers salaries ?”

“I am here because the Inspector General of Police, the man who performed well in Kano, invited me. As a traditional ruler, I don’t embrace political gathering”, he said.

“My advice to his excellency is to remember that to whom much is given, much is expected. For all of us in positions of authority, whether governor, emirs, police commissioners, the president and chairman of local government, we must remember that over 170 million Nigerians were created by God and when God chooses us and put us in these positions, it is not because he does not love those not given the position.

“In fact, it is because he loves them that we were appointed to serve them. The responsibilities come with the realization that we are there not for ourselves but for those who are not there. This is the first test of leadership and that is what public service is about.
“If there is anything that has destroyed this country, it is because people are thinking that offices are for themselves and their families but it is not. We were given offices for those who are not in office; we were given office to not sleep so that they may sleep. We were given office so that you can go hungry so that they may eat.
“You were given office so that you stay awake fearful of what may happen to them so that they may sleep in peace. People who think that they are in office to enjoy, to have sound sleep, to have a comfortable life are the worst leaders ever.
“So, I say to the governor and myself and to all of us who have a responsibility, the prophet of Islam has one Hadith about leadership that is very frightening. A Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) states that leadership is a trust and on the day of judgment, it is going to be a source of humiliation and regrets. Everyone must be aware that there will be a day an account will be given of the privileges of office.”

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