Dino Melaye’s Travails, An Abuse of The Nigerian Democracy

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Before the arrest of late Obafemi Awolowo, he was of the opinion that what of ever system of government that does not accept criticism and all forms of comments from its citizens is not democrat whether it is administered by democrats or it is a democratic dispensation.

In the last three days, this nation has watched the large attack and unconstitutional mitigation of the person of Senator Dino Melaye.

We ave been forced to be spectators of the dehumanizing processes and manners in which the Nigerian Police subjected the person of Senator Dino Melaye.

And most of all, we have played audience to the Kangaronic nature of this arrest, a sort of modern impunity scripted to destroy the guts and concern of Senator Dino Melaye.

And gradually every right thinking Nigerian has began to ask if this nation is really well at all.

We have began to ask if we are still in a democratic dispensation or some sort of military junta, where a citizen could be heavily dehumanized.

We have began to ask if there is any thing call the rule of law in this nation, we have began to ask if there is any thing called fair play, fundamental human rights, equity and even immunity.

Of course, we are beginning to ask if the right of a Nigerian are no long invoke as an accused.

I do not know if Dino Melaye is guilty of the charges pressed at him or not, and I do not write to validate or question that, but until the day of his attack he was only but an accused.

Thus, every treatment lavished on his person is only but a complete abuse of his fundamental human right, a complete abuse of the Nigerian democracy and most of all an abuse of the rule of law.

It is a total reflection of the rascality of the Nigerian police force, a complete indication of the well known fact that our rights as citizens of this country are only on paper, it is a clear reflection of the continuous deterioration of the Nigerian democracy.

Yes, we welcome the prosecution of Senator Dino Melaye and any other Nigerian who breaks the law, but let it be done with solemn regards to the fundamental Human Rights of such individual.

Yes, we support the arraignment of any culprit, irrespective of his personality or position, but let such culprit be first confirmed guilty by a Nigerian court.

Yes, we are heavily against thuggery and the use of fire arms, and will keep insisting that those involved in it should face the law, only when the same law has found them guilty of this practices.

The Nigerian Police and what so ever agency responsible for the recent travails of Senator Dino Melaye must understand that the Nigerian nation is not a Banana Republic and what ever is been done here must be done with total regards to the Nigerian constitution and the fundamental Human Rights of such individual.

I pray you get well soon, Senator Dino Melaye.

РJacob Unekwu Agada 
Osogbo, Nigeria.

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