Dino Melaye, COPPIN and the Wobbling Nigerian Democracy: The Necessity of New Order in Nigeria, Africa

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The launch of Conference of Opposition Political Parties In Nigeria (COPPIN) by distinguished Senator Dino Melaye is a welcome development and process to reactivate our democratic tenets and principle.

Of course, Nigerian democracy is currently being held hostage by anti-democratic forces and congress of cabals who poses, pretend, disguise, masquerade and impersonate as democrats.

Participatory Democracy, participant democracy or participative democracy is a form of government in which citizens participate individually and directly in political decisions and policies that affect their lives, rather than through foisted representatives or political Interlopers who hijack and subvert the wishes of the masses

Public participation, in this context, is the inclusion of the public in the activities of a polity. It can be any process that directly engages the public in decision-making and gives consideration to its input. Democracy ought not to function on the dictates or within the whims and caprices of privileged few, who by crooked means assume power and authority.

An opposition party has crucial role to play, which includes but not limited to; Constructive criticism of government, Puting Restrictions and checking on the Arbitrariness of the rulling party as well as Safeguarding the rights, privilege and liberty of the people.

It is germane to quickly state that, opposition do not only oppose and criticise the government but always in a state of readiness to take-over the government when the government fails.

Unarguably, Ballot is the peaceful alternative to Bullets, stakeholders have continued to observe why Nigeria maintains the name “Giant of Africa” but can not maintain orderliness, rule of law and demostrate by example her acclaimed status of a giant. We shouldn’t continue to proof to the world to be a dangerous giant of oppression and suppression of the people’s will.

The just concluded Presidential election in Liberia have been adjudged as one of the most freest, fair and transparent election in Africa and the world as against the Nigeria’s manipulated and highly compromised process.

Why is democracy surviving in other climes and decomposing in Nigeria particularly, the acclaimed giant in African Continent? It is unfortunate that Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, under its current chairman, Mahmud Yakubu is heavily compromised that it now constitute a willing threat to democracy in Nigeria and Africa, hence, the surging of coups, failed and counter-coups recently in some African countries just to entrench orderliness.

Submissions and realities from the above and prevailing realities particularly from the aftermaths of 2023 general election and subsequent elections that follows including reports from local and international observers and civil societies, gives no doubt to the fact that, Nigeria’s democracy is held in the jugular which make our democracy vulnerable to total destruction if not checked.

There must be a new order in Nigerian political space! Our political system needs urgent attention and intervention from the opposition group now than ever!

Sen Dino Melaye, a foremost Nigerian political juggernaut and democratic evangelist has once again, fired the patriotic-charge for the reactivation, rejuvenation, refreshing, restoration and reinstatement of true democracy cum a new order in the country. He deserves our support and cooperation for the sake of “us”.

Participatory democracy is primarily concerned with ensuring that citizens have the opportunity to be involved in decision-making on matters that affect their lives. It is not a new concept and has existed in various forms since the Athenian democracy. Its modern theory was developed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 18th century and later promoted by John Stuart Mill and G. D. H. Cole, who argued that political participation is indispensable for a just society.

The opposition parties therefore, must collaborate and stand up to provide a strong opposition in the land. Leading a new coalition by Senator Dino will ultimately provide a desired opposing platform that is required for our dear country. SDM has been popularly called is well focused, prepared, visionary, creative and strategic to this struggle.

Moreso, majority of Nigerians believed in his tenacity, capacity and political spirit to lead and give a clearer direction to the opposition parties and Nigerians at large, who are eagerly yearning for true and participatory democracy.

It is instructive to note that, for Nigeria and Nigerians to practice and enjoy true democracy and stabilize multipartism, no doubt, we need a very vibrant, courageous and potent opposition leadership.

Finally, we acknowledge Dino’s determination, vision and forsight to ensure that democracy survives in Nigeria at all levels. He, therefore, needs our collective endorsement and support and surely, with the lunch of Conference of Opposition Political Parties In Nigeria, (COPPIN), and bringing on board of like-minds and genuine democratic partners across, “we shall restore back Participatory Democracy in Nigeria and banish the current Autocracy, Grab-diocracy, Dictatorship and Totalitarianism”

– Oluade Gbenga Bright writes from Abuja, Nigeria.

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