DGovScoops: Veteran Journalist, Meseko Floats Online News Medium

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Frontline journalist and former House of Representatives member, Durosinmi Meseko yesterday announced the birth of dgovscoops.ng into the family of new media journalism in Nigeria.

At a ceremony in Abuja which also coincided with his birthday, Meseko expressed his elation in seeing his dream of running one of the best online platforms come to reality.

“Today is one of the best days of my life as a journalist. I have been working on this project for a long time but I am glad, by the grace of God, dgovscoops.ng is a reality today”, he declared.

According to him, the online newspaper would serve readers the best of exclusive news available at all times.

Meseko who had plied his journalism trade variously with Tell Magazine, The News/Tempo and Thisday Newspapers respectively has this to say of his new project:

“The entry of DgovScoops.ng into the competitive world of blogging in Nigeria is not by accident. It is indeed an agelong idea whose time has come. Dear readers, welcome to the fresh soothing world of exclusive scoops from the No. 1 exclusive story merchants of the industry. We are poised to exercise our mandate as  watchdog of the society with all sense of patriotism and responsibility. And wait for this! There will be no sacred cows.

“DgovScoops.ng will strongly focus on politics, business, entertainment and of course, scandals. Yes, scandals. We are here to make the society better not to hide nor glorify misdemeanors. Please partner with us as we take you on a ride to the incredible world of the Fourth Estate of the Realm!”

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