Desist From Evil or Face God’s Wrath – Clergy Warns Nigerian Leaders

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Leaders across the country have been admonished to turn away from their evil ways or be ready to face the wrath of God.

The Vice President, The Apostolic Church Nigeria, (TAC), Pastor Dr Emmanuel Segun Awojide gave the charge on Sunday during his official tour to the Churches in Old Kabba area of Kogi State.

Awojide said Nigerians are suffering and can no longer pretend that all is well, as he lamented that the evil act of some leaders in the country have put Nigerians into the present predicament.

Awojide, who doubles as the LAWNA territorial  Chairman of TAC Nigeria, said the nations unity is been threatened by the current difficulties in Nigeria adding that, only the God can redeem the country’s image if the leaders do the right thing.

He called on Nigerians to pray for the peace and unity of the nation, stressing that through prayers they would surmount all their tribulations.

Picking his text from the book of  Nehemiah 5:19, the clergy admonished Nigerians to always appreciate God for seeing them through difficulties.

The clergy stressed that God did not create man to cause problems but to solve them adding  that God will intervene in the present predicament bedevilling the whole world. 

“Things are getting out of hand. There is suffering in the land. Men now borrow money before they can get married. We can no longer pretend that all is well in the country. Some of our leader’s evil ways put us in this mess. If they fail to turn away from  their evil, the wrath of God will visit them.

“No doubt, Satan is the captain of all problem in the world. That is why the corona virus pandemic came which also brought more problem to the People. God is the only solution to the  problems of the world.

“We must not be persuaded by the worldly things, as all of us are expected to give account of our actions on the last day. God has not forsaken his people. He will put an end to all this hardship in the land,” he said.

On the reasons why he visited Kogi State from the Church headquarters in Lagos, Awojide said he came to the State to appreciate God for the progress of his work in Lokoja area which was carved out of old Kabba area.

While praying that his visitation will bring a permanent change in the life of all Kogite, the clergy along side his entourage had earlier paid a courtesy call to the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief Edward David Onoja.

Areas the TAC Vice President visited in Kogi State which made up of old Kabba area are Egbe, Isanlu, Kabba Bunu, Kabba, Lokoja, Ayetoro Gbede and Ayeteju.

Some principal officers in the entourage of the Lawna territorial Chairman are Pastor Dr Lawrence Olusesan, LAWNA Territorial Administrative Secretary, Pastor Claudius Akinyoola, Financial Secretary, Pastor Julius Ade Olabiyi, Lawna lead Prophet and Pastor Isaac Omohoro, Lokoja Area superintendent.

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