Democracy Day; Aidoko Charges Political Elites From Kogi East To Ensure Fairness

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Senator representing Kogi East, Atai Aidoko Ali has called on political leaders from his zone to restrain from imposition of candidates for elective office against popular choice of the people.

Aidoko made this call in a press release from his media office on Nigeria’s 18th year Democracy Day celebration.

The lawmaker said preference for popular choice during elections will enable the people exercise their franchise and develop democracy.

He said a situation where political gladiators relies so much on family background and other undemocratic leaning to manipulate and install their family members and apologists had retarded the growth of democracy in the area and the entire state.
“How can the politics that involves mass participation, equal representation and freedom of association be operated based on ‘Who You Are’, ‘Who is Your Father’, ‘What Are Your Connections’ and other sentiments? This is unacceptable. It is high time we move beyond all these pettiness”, he said.
He paid glowing tributes to institutions, groups and groups of individuals that doggedly fought for the return of democracy in the last two decades.

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