Dekina: Who Will Wipe Away the Tears of the Good People of Effikelegwu?

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It is obvious that the community needs are insatiable, but despite that, the need of every society is clearly known to those who are willing and able to satisfy their needs.

For instance, it is necessary for the teacher to know the level at which each individual child operates and design school tasks that suit each level.

The question is, what is our Government doing to meet the needs of our communities?

The need of every community is clearly defined, some are in need of Bore-hole, to have a portable drinking water. To others, it is good road, electricity etc. 

 If the needs are properly taking care of, the community would rejoice and   said there’s good governance. Don’t forget, good governance takes place when the people of that environment / settlements rejoice owing to pattern in which they are being governed and how their needs are been met.    

My emphasis is on the needs of the good people of Effikelegwu in Ogbabede ward in particular.

Effikelegwu is about 10kilometers away from Abocho and 5km distance away to Olowa with the population of about 15 to 20 thousand people.

The people of Effikelegwu are predominantly farmers and traders.

It is obvious that after many years of democracy the people of Effikelegwu are yet to benefit any projects from the government, both at the national and state level.

We have had a number of representative in the past, but our challenges remain the same.

We all known that rural electrification system remain imperative in the improvement of individual quality of life.

We understand that energy is the golden chain that links economic growth and pave away for the society to thrive.

Don’t forget I said earlier that the good people of Effikelegwu are predominantly farmers and traders, the question is, how can a farmer and traders conveniently convey their farm produce to the market without good road?

Lack of motorable roads had been a major challenge and a set back the farmers in this community.

How do you put an end to a disease like typhoid cause by contaminated water?

For over a decade ,the people of Effikelegwu has been drinking from a  flowing river, and in that river the water is flowing from unknown source. Communities before ours baths and washed their clothes in it, while to some others is their sources of drinking water.

I am appealing to the government and the indefatigable representative from Kogi East, Hon. Hassan Baiwa and Distinguished Senator Jibrin Isah (Echocho) to go deep in to a remote and underdeveloped communities and meet their needs, by providing social amenities for them. 

I am very optimistic that our current representative will get close to the  community and do the needful by providing bore-hole for the people of hinter land, Effikelegwu inclusive and also fix roads and embark on electrification projects. 

I use this opportunity to thank Hon. Hassan Baiwa and indefatigable Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho in anticipation.

The good people of Effikelegwu are waiting to hear from you.

– Haruna Faruna Alfa writes from Kogi state.

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