Dekina PDP Exco Pass Vote of Confidence on Divisional Chairman, Husseini Ibrahim

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The party executives of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dekina local government chapter, has passed a vote of confidence on the administration of the divisional party chairman, Alhaji Husseini Ibrahim Ejini.

The decision was taken on Sunday during an expanded local government party exco meeting.

According to the Exco, the vote of confidence was spurred by Husseini’s sincerity, faithfulness, commitment and his all-inclusive approach during his short time as the party divisional chairman in Dekina LG.

The divisional chairman progressive achievement in office and his healthy relationship with both the party excos and stakeholders across the local government convinced the local government party exco’s to pass vote of confidence on his administration and encourage him with their loyalty and total support.

The local government exco in attendance expressed their satisfaction with the tremendous strides his administration had achieved in office so far and encourage him to continue in that direction.

The local government party exco at the meeting promised to give him their full support saying that he has inspired them positively within this short period as chairman in office that for the first time in the history of the local government chapter of people’s democratic party PDP Dekina, things are being done properly, people are being carried along and the party is cohesive.

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