Dekina-Bassa 2019; Race Between The Electorates and Federal Might

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An Assessment of Rt. Honourabe Benjamin Ikani Okolo And Hassan Bewa Abdullahi 

In 2015, the duo emerged as members of the federal House of Representatives and Kogi State House of Assembly after a keenly contested elections both at the polls and the court of law to affirm the verdict of the people of their areas under the All Progressives Party (APC).

Both soon after providence had his way in Kogi polity occasioned by the death of the prospective winner, the late Prince Abubakar Audu, it became clearer that the age long political marriage that saw one leaning on the other to secure victory became tactically withdrawn owing to haywire politicking, political affiliations, associations and divergent political ideas that is not people centered.

I will not bore my audience and readers with needless analysis, but it behoves on me to portray the political strength of the current member representing Dekina/ Bassa federal constituency in line with the series of political sojourn along with the envisaged points that will likely play out in the next likely cutest to return to the lower chamber having defected recently from the APC to PDP for personal reasons and political considerations .

Having served as council chairman and also coordinators of chairmen during his stint as Dekina local government council boss, Honourable Benjamin Ikani Okolo had laid a solid political foundation, acceptance and popularity it deserved based on glaring track records of achievements in various sectors of in the local government. From job creation, infrastructural development, empowerment, provision of social infrastructure with strong political base that transmuted his status in to a political rallying point. In fact, it got to a period, his then colleagues from the all the local government in the state made him a point man to present as the next governor of the state, but for glaring political exigency, it was not realizable.

Apart from using his three years stint in achieving strong and unrivaled political base to be reckon with, Benjamin Ikani Okolo assumed the leadership position of the a political leader of the area for obvious reasons of his level headed background, high level tolerance, sound political adventure and calculation that was always yielding results of victory for all his affiliations particularly waving a strong storm that produced both member of the House of Representatives and the senate a situation that unseat the incumbent senator and member of the lower house? In fact, he was popularly nicknamed political “TomTom”

BIO was also on ground to return to the council as chairman under an opposition party, ACN, having done so much for the people and the zeal for continuity, it is on record that he fought the then Idris Wada’s PDP led administration to almost a halt during the local government elections in in 2014 that would have resulted in his victory outside the spirit of fairness and people’s choice.

It was during the period of his opposition leader that he fought gallantly the ruling party without confrontation but robust political orientation, organization and control of his immediate area council and particularly his political domain in Anyigba community at large.

Ben’s credentials was his dexterity to organize and also create the masses as a rallying point to achieving sound political objectives and ideals capable of transforming the entire landscape into a productive arena,that stint that was achieved as a former council chairman in Dekina have a lot of Influence on his political career and sojourn.

Another point to his advantage is that the lawmaker started his quest for service through political participation from the school days when he studied political science as a course of study and worked with the most highly revered political office holders soon after graduation,that later saw him occupying the high political echelon of Dekina local government that further deepen his grass rooted political ideas and calculations.

Ben had also been at the forefront of political emancipation of the people of his immediate constituency and followers in all ramifications, for sheer passion to continue to provide social leeway for the people and advance their economic status to self sustenance.

For Hassan Abdullahi Bewa who is currently occupying the seat of deputy speaker of the state house of assembly along with federal might as the likely candidate of the APC both at the state and federal level for sheer influence of the state government, and a blood sister as the national women leader,the impact may not live much to be desired.
Although, the political credentials of the women leader would have gone above sky level going by his antecedents and precedents at FAAN while holding forth as director of human resources through mass employment of the people from Igala race and others, but the exceptional performance had been waned with the image at a low ebb for associating and fraternizing with the current leadership in the state who are considered as inhuman, non sympathetic, irrational, wicked, dangerous and above all non repentant and perpetual evil doers that have concealed the people of the state with the Igalas as majority to a permanent and endless sufferings, hardship, denials and decapitation.

The erosion of the hard earned reputation from a robust public service was the beginning of the political logjam of the Bewas family with the state lawmaker his brother, Hassan Abdullahi Bewa not helping matters, with a lot of pretense having reverted to politics of self help, self development, wealth aggrandizement at the expense of the Igala race even though, with unpopular credentials.

The state lawmaker in contradiction to his current status is a perpetual entity that suffers from public phobia,In fact pundits had it that prior to 2015 general elections,BIO,his likely arch rival and likely co -contestant in the next election was singularly driving him round the units,wards,areas and the entire constituency that led to his victory

Though,he had decided to key into some of this strategies, but the taste of the pudden, they said is not in the eaten,hence the idea of riding through the political horse of governor Yahaya Bello, whose popularity is daily going down, personal credentials controvertible and the sisters long acquired people assessments suddenly eroded by his new alliance with anti people’s group at the state and federal level, for sheer idea to remain permanently at the receiving end of dictating the pace to the less privilege and the middle class in the society.

As the 2019 draws near,lets see how this permutations from both end will come to pass or stand the taste of time, as the electorates from the area have had a bitter experience from the representation and government of the APC, only to heave a shy of relieve from the defection of Rt Honourable Benjamin Ikani Okolo to PDP. Time shall tell.

– Adehi Abdulkarim wrote from Anyigba

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