Declaring Imam’s Seat Vacant: We Will Protest With Our Votes on Aug. 11 – Aggrieved Lokoja Electorate

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By Yusuf Ali.

Enraged by the action action of Kogi State House of Assembly in declaring the seat of the immediate past speaker of the House and the member representing Lokoja I state constituency, Umar Ahmed Imam, vacant, registered voters in the constituency has vowed to register their displeasure through the ballot on Saturday, August 11.

In separate remarks, indigenes of Lokoja condemned the action of the Koalwole Matthew led House of Assembly, accusing them of bias and repeated disdain for Lokoja.

Reacting, Isah Muhammed said no reasonable Lokoja indigene will vote APC during the August 11 bye-election. he said: “Walahi, any reasonable Lokoja person that vote for the useless Kogi APC is an enemies of progress.”

Dan Garin Lakwaja said, “We shall protest through the ballot box come Saturday.”

According to Suleiman Aliyu, the action of Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly, Hon. Kolawole Matthew did not come as a surprise as he is a known stooge of Governor Yahaya Bello.

I am not surprised, the Speaker is just a stooge and Special Adviser on Assembly matters to Governor Yahaya Bello and an errand boy to Edward Onoja on Assembly issues. We don’t have a speaker nor state house of assembly in Kogi state,” he said.

A lawyer, Barr. Na’Allah wondered if the action complied with constitutional provisions.

This is tantamount to setting our democracy up to ridicule. Kolawole himself decamped from PDP to APC, who declared his seat vacant then? Has the provision of section 109(2) of the Constitution been satisfactorily complied with? I weep for Kogi state.”

For Denja Hussein, declaring Imam’s seat vacant is dirty politics taken too far.

It sounded like a rumor, now becomes reality. Let’s see how the good people of Lokoja 1 who Imam has their mandate will react to this madness.”
Reacting, Bala Audu Umar said Imam’s seat was declared vacant because the ruling party see him as a threat to their desperate plan to win the Lokoja-Koto by-election at all costs.
“If God want to disgrace somebody for his cruelty, he will fumble along the line, which will make people hate him. Day by day they are loosing support despite the huge amount of money they are spending on electorate to vote for their candidate. The electorate are wise now, they will collect the money and vote for the candidate they wish.
“They look at Imam as a threat to their victory. The only way to break his morale is to declare his seat vacant. The current Speaker that declared Imam’s seat vacant has forgotten so soon that he is a product of defection. Who is fooling who?”
However, Ali Ndafa Muhammed was optimistic in his reaction. He viewed the action as the ladder Imam will ride upon to the National Assembly.
“As they are declaring his seat vacant so shall Al-mighty Allah, the all seeing and the all-knowing, elevate his status to Abuja. Insha Allah. You have my support and I will mobilise others to also do that sir.”

Ali Gambo was furious in his reaction. He wondered why the APC government Lokoja people fought to install is now treating them with disdain.

“It is now obvious that the government of Yahaya Bello habour deep seated hatred for the people of Lokoja. The governor and APC has shown that they have little or no regard for us as a people. First, they sidelined the entire Lokoja local government in the appointment of cabinet members. Lokoja was overlooked when appointing commissioners. The main position held by Lokoja was Speaker of the Assembly but he was forced out.

It is also on record that Bello and APC sidelined party leaders of Lokoja extraction by appointing and funding aliens to carry out vote buying for their candidate in the August 11 House of Representatives bye election. Chief of Staff, Chief Edward Onoja was appointed to oversee Lokoja Ward A; Alh. Jibril Isah Echocho, Lokoja Ward B; Asiru Idris, Ward C; Smart Adeyemi, Ward D; Alh. Yahaya Karaku, Gegu Wards in Kogi LGA and the APC state Chairman, Abdullahi Bello, Oworo Ward. This means they don’t have confidence in leaders from Lokoja.

Now, they have moved to deny the people of Lokoja 1 representation on the House of Assembly. This is an insult carried too far. We will respond appropriately on Saturday with our PVC,” he said.

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