David Gabriel Enemona and His Humanitarian Service

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Kogi State is blessed to have David Enemona Gabriel, the CEO Enemona Josh Foundation cum State chairman, association of coal buyers, not only because he is a man with vast experience in administration but a complete gentle man with passion for development.

There is no man without past. His background deprived him of luxurious lifestyle at a tender age but he never allowed the inglorious poor background to stop him to achieve greatness, rather he used the challenges as a stepping stone and today he is a man of many parts.

He was not born with a silver spoon but destiny makes him a man that dines with the kings and people in high places. His story is not far from what the bible records in the book of proverb 22: 29 which reads “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”

David Enemona Gabriel story is not different from the proverbial rise from Grass to Grace. In one of our encounters, he told us how he used to ride motorcycle (Okada) to raise extra money after school hours and during holiday and how he traveled to other parts of the state to do other menial jobs just to ensure that his vision of becoming great in life did not die.

Geography of destiny took him from olamaboro to places for his higher education and that was the begining of of the new life. Unlike many of his peers, Humanity Gabriel did not resign to fate, he took up the challenges with courage and faith and pursued his dream. Today God has blessed him with a lot of things and makes him a source of inspiration and blessings to many people.

Months after becoming the Chairman of Coal buyers association, his remarkable impact especially the humanity and philanthropic aspect is seconds to none. He was instrumental to the payment of hospital bills worth millions of naira, school fee, gifting of houses, cars and Lots more to orphans and the needy.

As an individual, he was diligent, his life epitomizes humility, commitment to service and accountability, and these rare attributes did not only earn him respect but also fetched him several awards and encomiums both within and outside the state. 

His passion for service did not leave him not minding his youthful age, he decided to continue his service to humanity and contribute his own quota to the development of his state through poverty alleviation program by launching a foundation called David Enemona josh Foundation. to some of us who underrated him, it was a wrong decision but to him it is a decision taken at the right appointed time.

Humanity Gabriel is not just a nice man, he is a humanitarian per excellent, a man whose passion is wiping tears away from the crying eyes, help the needy, restore hope for the hopeless. Through his foundation, many lives that could have been forgotten were restored, many students have benefited and still benefitting from his milk of kindness.

– Ismail Coded writes from Ankpa Local Government Area, Kogi State.

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