D.R.O.P., Another Name for Hypocrisy – Ibn Yusuf

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If you think comedians like Ay and basket mouth are funny, then you haven’t come across a politician, this story is similar to that of Aleppo when the UN sent aids like medicines, foodstuff and all that to the besieged people, why sending the aid when you can simply end the siege??  Stop the bombing?

You have the strength and power to put an end to the siege so that the people can work and earn a living for themselves!

He terminated the appointments of many, put over a thousand in what it called UNCLEARED LIST. These workers are the type whose appointments were not terminated neither are they receiving salary, for the past eight good months. They remained in that state, they neither belong to the right nor to the left, the government kept calling them for screening now and then.

You will think they are screening the whole world!

What is it that you cannot verify in peoples’ qualifications for the past 8 months??

After all of this shit, they came up with a drama series called DROP! Moving around with trucks dropping foodstuff under the full view of cameramen and newsmen to show the world they really care.

If you really care you could have rectified the workers’ problems and pay them as at when due. They don’t need a DROP of semolina, DROP their salary for them and they will DROP things to their family by themselves!

Before you come here with your usual rhetoric of; “they are ghost workers”, I said may God punish that your mouth! How dare you tell me that the teachers I grew up to know in school here are all ghost workers??  They have been working for more than fifteen years now, they are NCE holders and most of them are graduates of NTI Kaduna. No, I was not taught by ghosts in my primary school, it is your demi-god that need to remove his dark sunshade to see the people.

– Suleiman Ibn Yusuf

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