COVID-19: Where is Kogi State Ministry of Education?

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This is an extraordinary time that deserves extraordinary measures that will guarantee and ensure that students across boards, from primary to state tertiary institutions continue to receive tutorials (education) at the convenience of their homes, however inadequate. 

In the global world, this pandemic is inducing a new order of vision, that drastically moves us from the conventional into the extraordinary and every serious minded government must understand the times and key into opportunities the new order conditions for everyone.

This pandemic has challenged the economy of the world, challenged the security of the world, challenged the social order of the world and challenged its education. Through fang of these challenges, people are rising up to meet the times, fashioning out strategies to mitigate the  times and where necessary reduce the negative effects on their people. We can’t idle by. We can’t be left behind in the reordering of the world.

Kogi State, looking at its demography of leadership – youthful, modern and smart should be able to roll out strategies when occasion like this arises, that challenges our imagination, competence and put our capacity to test. 

Kogi State where are we? Our educational systems are even more shutdown than the lockdown? Where’s the Ministry of Education and its commissioner in the whole of this puzzle? They have fizzled away. Because the head who’s an event planer and a marquee lacks the intellectual wherewithal to administer a school talk more of a whole ministry of education. Kogi is joke.

States like Kaduna, Osun with index cases are coming out with potent strategies that empower their people educationally via accessible media. Kogi without any trace of the virus could not design a model that allows students to be tutored. Where is the intelligence and smartness that accompanies youthfulness in the whole of this if they cannot be deployed to proffer solutions. Rosemary Osikoya would have risen to this occasion with various stop gap measures to mitigate the various interstices that come with the pandemic.

Kogi Wake up!

Our students are idly becoming nuisances to themselves, their parents and their immediate community. Rise up and give leadership. Rise up and exemplify youthful intelligence and smartness.

Not one identifiable measure has been carved to save the education of students of Kogi State. Not one. The systems are dead more than the stay at home order. How do you have people in position who are not willing to do anything for themselves? No legacy motivated disposition, no hallmark imbued spirit, nothing. If the current commissioner can’t come up with team to think away out, he should be moved to tourism Ministry where his expertise in event planning would be duly utilised.    

In all these challenges, people are becoming more concerned about children who are just idle-by at home without any form of educational additives that put them ahead of their peers. So different means are being developed by different countries to ensure that while the lockdown tarries, the education is not lockdown. That people can still pick up some quality learning via a new platform through the internet, radio or television without abusing the social distancing order.

In Nigeria, we aware that Kaduna State is in the fore of ensuring her students receive online teaching; and for those who are unable to catch up with the online tutorial, there’s a time allotted for radio and TV, where students are meant to stay attentive to sets (TV/Radio) and get tutored. 

Looking at our peculiarity, this tune calls on us to come up with a model that put our students back to learning. We can’t predict the longevity of the lockdown as the rate of infection and contraction increase daily, thus we must quickly device means of learning that guarantees educational sustainability. 

For now, the best method is to do a tutorial of all subjects for primary schools on either Monday, Secondary School on Tuesday, Polytechnics on Wednesday, University on Thursday, via radio frequency. But first, parents must be told via all available platform to force their children to follow up on the tutorial.  This to make sure the time is not wasted. This is just a suggestion.

Whatever means also that would guarantee seamless model of learning without contradicting the social distancing order can quickly be thought out for the sake of our students.

Having said that, it is apt to appreciate the effort of Alh. Yahaya Bello and the Corona Squadron team for the fantastic job they are doing in ensuring that our safety is not compromised.

– Ajinomoh Muzamil wrote from Okene, Kogi State Nigeria.

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