COVID-19: Pan-Okun Relief Group Begins Healthcare Intervention

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The Pan-Okun People Relief Response Agenda has commenced moves aimed at improving its drive for more funds for the provision of medical materials for some health centres across Okun land in Kogi state.

Arising from a strategic meeting of its steering committee, the members expressed immense gratitude to donors and the facilitators, saying the implementation of the core mandate of the group is being proposed to start in August.

Duro Meseko, chairman, media and publicity committee of the group, said the committee resolved that healthcare across the entire Okun land, which will be encompassing and beneficial to the people in a COVID-19 and post COVID-19 era, would top all considerations.

“It is believed that such intervention in our health centres/hospitals could be the group’s legacy to Okun development at this critical time,” he said.

The committee urged members of the group to go all out to canvass for more financial support from public-spirited individuals and groups.

It also enjoined members to reach out to prospective donors within the next two weeks in order to speed up the implementation process.

The Pan-Okun relief response initiative was launched to promote awareness against the ravaging effects of COVID-19, create a unity of purpose for the people and mobilise huge resources to provide succour for the entire Okun land.

With a target of N500 million, the group aims to ensure effective healthcare delivery across Okun land.

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