COVID-19 and Its Scam Syndrome: Whose Blame?

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The existence of COVID-19 disease is not believed in Nigeria as we are faced with different sayings and beliefs about the pandemic. Most individual sees it as scam and alignment between the Government and Nigeria Centre for disease Control (NCDC) to embezzle and siphon public funds.

These erroneous beliefs about COVID-19 by most people can be re-traced to Nigeria Government modus operandi concerning the affairs of the country where we have leaders that are not trustworthy. As a result of this, it is well-neigh impossible for the people to believe in COVID-19 disease inhabiting the globe with the total statistics of over 8,949,582 confirmed cases. 

Nigerians’ scepticism about COVID-19 has been proven in many instances. For reference and evidence purposes, below are some beliefs expressed about COVID-19.

Coronavirus Na Scam

This is the most common analysis of the virus. Many individuals have written and expressed how the virus is a scam on the social media.

COVID-19 is hoax

Popular Nigeria sensational rapper Zlatan Ibile said, “I don’t believe coronavirus exists.” He made his declaration in the middle of an Instagram live video session with popular artiste manager, Bankuli. 

Also, Slimcase in her take of coronavirus pandemic while reacting to a post on Instagram, noted that the pandemic is a scam. The artiste likened COVID-19 to malaria.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, an accountant by training, stated in a viral video posted on his Facebook page  dated March 25, said: “Ninety per cent of the noise about COVID-19 is for political, economic, financial and material gain.”

Until now, this lackadaisical attitude is highly portrayed by most Nigerians. If a poll is carried out to know the number of people who tend to believe in COVID-19 disease, barely would 10% believe the disease exists. 

Why COVID-19 is a scam

It is largely believed by some Nigerians that Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) are releasing Livescore and INEC results, not cases of coronavirus. 

“We no dey see video of people wey catch or die of coro for Nigeria, na Livescore  NCDC dey give us for night,” meaning, “We don’t see video of people who came in contact or died of COVID-19 in Nigeria, NCDC are giving us Livescore overnight.” disclosed by a source.

Going forward, why most people refuse to believe this virus is as result of corrupt leaders and comments made by government officials, celebrities and some other personnel who are icons in position to change the mass beliefs about the virus. 

The implication

The effect of these sayings about the virus in Nigeria has given birth to scam syndrome, which in turn prompted the  misconception about the virus amongst the citizenry  leading to disobedient of Government directives and orders as most Nigerians have not been adhering to stipulated safety precautionary measures. This idea of not adhering to government directives by citizenry and some political leaders have contributed to the increase case of COVID-19 in Nigeria. 

Of a truth, they could be a hidden agenda or manipulation about coronavirus in Nigeria that might not be seen clearly, but the fact is, COVID-19 IS REAL AND IT IS IN NIGERIAI!.

In attestation to the existence of the pandemic,  Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi, a Nigerian activist shared her experience of COVID-19 to Al Jazeera and sent a message of warning to Nigerians who don’t believe in the virus. Below is the discussion between Osowobi and Al Jazeera. 

Al Jazeera: How does it feel having recovered from the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?

Osowobi: It feels great to have survived COVID-19. If you see the data of people who have passed away due to the virus, they are alarming. I’m really grateful to be alive but also grateful for the experience as I am able to share with people that COVID-19 is not a hoax like many people may believe in Nigeria, she said. 

On a whole, who do you think should be blamed for the scam syndrome that has caused disbelief in Nigeria and increase in COVID-19 cases reported. Should Federal Government be blamed, or Nigeria Centre For Disease Control, or the mass. A rhetoric you should answer within your mind. 

But, if you understand this article clearly you will observe that the origin of this scam syndrome is as a result of the myriad of  untruthful and unaccountable leaders that we have in Nigeria that developed this problem.

Most individuals wouldn’t have doubted COVID-19 if we had Government that’s transparent.

On the other hand, Nigeria Center Disease Control can not make any decision or implement any action without the consent of the Federal Government. The idea of not seeing NCDC displaying people who contacted and died for the virus is right in the discretion of the government. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control is under federal Government and not vise versa. NCDC officials are doing their work according to the order given to them by the Government.

In summary, this article is a clarion call for Nigerians to believe that COVID-19 exists and stop the scam syndrome with the aim for us to follow government directives on precautionary measures against curtailing the deadly virus.

– Omopariola Nehemiah wrote from Kogi state.

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