Continued Closure of Kogi State University; An Open Letter to Gov. Bello

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Your Excellency,

From my heart and hopefully, that of every good students of Kogi state university, I write you this letter in the most precise terms and I hope your wherewithal acts before the strike get worse. Also, this will give you a little knowledge about the pains we are going through as students whose passions to study are been delayed and weakened on daily basis.

This strike is causing more harm than good to your “imo stars”… its seriously depleting and withering our burning passion and zeal to get educated by an institution that should be a rallying point for Kogites, our alma mater-the prestigious Kogi State university, Anyigba.

We were glad and very happy when the 2016/2017 session started in November and was going smoothly as planned. At a point, the old students were ready to continue from where they stopped while the new students were eager to join the academic session. So much that even at tge peak of the non indigene  school fees saga, the students didn’t loose focus.

We kept studying frantically to make ourselves and out parents proud but alas our joy shut down uncontrollably the moment we heard about the strike and because nobody expected it to be this long, students stayed back in school even after hearing the news of the strike, especially the year one students who are yet to write their exams, with the hope that the strike won’t last cum believing in the might and capability of a youthful government. But, you have murdered our hope and trust in you.

It is approximately three months we have been waiting patiently for this indefinite strike to be called off. Your Excellency, please listen to the cry of the striking workers, they obviously have families and if truth be told,
lecturers can’t teach students with a profound joy and zeal to instill knowledge if they are not been paid for the services render.

Sir, we beg you, listen to the wailings of the students and their parents as they pray for the strike to end. I hope to see this lugubrious strike end within a twinkle of an eye for I  write as a concerned citizen with a saddened heart.

God Bless Kogi State Government!

God Bless Kogi State University!!

God Bless Kogi Students and Citizens!!!

– Comrade (Prince) Yakub Yakub writes from Ankpa Local Government Area, Kogi State.

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