Congress: Why Godwin Itopa is Right Man to Speak for PDP in Kogi

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In the coming days, the tenure of the current Kogi State PDP executives will be expiring, for another set to come take office.

There is no need emphasizing how suppressed in voice, the Kogi State PDP has become in the course of the life of this present outgoing set of exco. While one may not be able to say that the outgoing set of exco did not do enough as an opposition, much is left to be desired for in the days ahead as the Kogi PDP elects its new set of exco.

One thing is sure; capacity, experience and youthfulness is supposed to be the attributes that embodies who the next spokesperson of Kogi PDP should be.

Youthfulness it is, a major factor. A youth with capacity and experience is the exact combination that the delegates and stakeholders should focus their searchlight on, while deciding on who the next Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Kogi State should be.

While we are rubbing our minds on who exactly bears the aforementioned features, we would not however need to search far, for we have one among us who match the above requirements. He is Godwin David Itopa (History).
He is young, energetic, daring enough, experienced and no doubt, he is the right man for the job.

He has since 2017 been at the National Secretariat of the PDP in Abuja serving the Party as Special Assistant on New Media to the National Publicity Secretary. In the course of the job, he has seen a lot that would ordinarily break any opposition voice but him.

In terms of experience, he has more than enough. He has been to far and wide on behalf of the Party at the National level. Everywhere he goes across the country, he speaks hope to all, concerning the PDP, and he speaks fear and serious opposition into the camp of the ruling APC.

No doubt, his voice and capacity are what the camp of the APC in Kogi State don’t want at all. The APC-led Kogi State Government has been unchecked by the opposition PDP, most obviously for fear of being harrassed.

Little wonder, there is a silence of opposition in Kogi State. This must not continue beyond July 22nd when the current PDP excos leave office. Therefore, by whatever means, the PDP stakeholders have a duty of persuading the man named David Godwin  Itopa to get on to the ballot of PDP Publicity Secretary.

As a member of the Kola Ologbodiyan staff (NPS); if given the opportunity to speak for the PDP in Kogi State, he is definitely coming down to Kogi State with experience as to what the job of speaking for a Party is really about.
Therefore, David Godwin Itopa (History) is an asset the Kogi PDP excos cannot ignore or second-guess for any reason at all.

The PDP in Kogi State is dying slowly, there is a need to bring back it’s voice. Godwin David Itopa is simply the right man for the job, as it concerns the forthcoming Kogi PDP Publicity Secretary election.

– Issa Itopa Lucky, a PDP supporter, writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

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