Comrade Danfulani Charges Newly Appointed Aides to Kogi Gov to Be Committed to Work

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Comrade Danfulani Ohinoyi Lukman has urged all the newly appointed Senior Special Assistants to Kogi State Governor to make it a point of duty to travel regularly to their respective constituencies and intimate the people on the progress made on the job.
He also called on the appointees to promote national development and advance the cause of economic diversification.
Comrade Danfulani, in a chat with in Lokoja, said; “politics, they say is local and politicians must update constituents regularly on the progress they are making, especially to the people in the grassroot.”
Comrade Danfulani said Kogites are currently witnessing a more focused government that is spending 70% of its time to reform the business environment and promote economic diversification and development.
He stressed the need for a situation and progress report. He urged the newly appointed aides to pledge to use their
new appointment to better the lives of the people.
Danfulani urged Kogi state government to fashion out an agenda that will center on creating empowerment
opportunities and better lives for the people of the state.
Speaking further, Danfulani said; “I am very pleased and I rejoice with all the newly appointed SSAs and the people of Kogi State for their resilient commitment to Kogi project.

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