Comrade Ayodeji Ajayi Eulogize Gov. Yahaya Bello Over Establishment of Okene Reference Hospital 

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Comrade Ayodeji Ajayi (AJAF), convener Okun Youths for Social Impact, has eulogised Governor Yahaya Bello in his genuine quest to remove Kogi state from the list of  one of the poorest states in Nigeria.

In a statement on Monday, Ajayi said the commissioning of the reference hospital, Okene by President Muhammadu Buhari has changed the narrative about Kogi state as Governor Bello’s efforts is gaining real momentum.

According to the civil society campaigner, the historical and unprecedented medical stride achieved under the supervision and leadership of Gov. Yahaya Bello to make Kogi state, not only national but a global medical hub is a welcome development that should be applauded by all and sundry. 

He said the making of this global  and economically attractive move by the Nigeria youngest Governor, is a show of his mission, vision and determination to actualize the Nigerian economic dream. Thereby making the nation a global investment destination.

“The proactive move will not only earn or add to the GDP growth of Kogi state but that of Nigeria at large.

“Also is another huge economic leap forward recorded in the State on the Ajaokuta steel forecast to generate five hundred thousand jobs with $1.5 Billion USD in revenue for a start,” he said.  

Mr. Ayodeji Ajayi thanked the Governor for his constant sense of resilience and focus to arrive at this positive and historical end. 

He said history will not only remember him for this good deeds but the citizens of the state will continue to appreciate his change of narrative and negative stereotype about the state.

‘We hope this pacesetter trend continues for good until a new Nigeria dream and potential is fully achieved’ he said

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