Commissioner Nominee From Bunu is Not a Product of Wide Consultation – Concerned Bunu Citizens

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His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Kogi State.

We wish to formally appreciate your kind gesture for considering Bunu land for the position of the commissionership in the present nomination exercises. However, we wish to bring to the notice of your Excellency the need to review the present appointment for the following reasons:

1.       Report has it that the present nomination from Bunu is not a product of wide consultation among the interest groups and communities of the over thirty three villages in Bunu land. Consultation as an integral part of Bunu political practice was for the first time eroded by an interest we are yet to identify. Hence, the quality of our present representation if not reviewed will be doubtful with its attendant effect on the well being of the people of Kabba/Bunu Local Government.

2.       The present nominee does not represent our age-long cherished convention of “spread in representation” which is akin to the observance of the principles of Federal character. Thus, since the emergence of the PDP, Bunu people have stood solidly behind the values and ideology of the party which also recognize geographical spread in political appointment.

?3.       As at now, the member of the House of Assembly who was formally the immediate past Chairman of the Kabba/Bunu Local Government and the nominee are from the same village. This means, for the past four years, only one village out of thirty three villages has produced Local Government Chairman, the same person is now the Member of the House of Assembly, and now the Nominee for commissionership is from the same village.

Your Excellency, based on the above points and others too numerous to mention in this letter, and for equity, justice and fairness, we appeal for your prompt response for a holistic review of this nomination in line with your administration quest for a robust cabinet to pursue your transformation agenda into reality.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have several other women of Bunu land widely acknowledged, worthy in character, intellectually sound, morally upright, knowledgeable and charismatic which can be presented at request to pilot your agenda in any ministry designated towards the realization of your transformation agenda without necessarily resorting to fetch candidacy or nominee from the same village.

Your Excellency, our primary concern is that no political appointment should divide the people of Bunu or create sense of injustice on any group within the communities, thereby engender insecurity in a historically peaceful and united Land.

Thank you sir for the anticipated consideration of our appeal for review.

Signed: Elebiyo  Paul

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