Christmas: ‘Our Suffering Will Soon Become History’, ADC Senate Candidate Urge Kogi West Electorate to Persevere

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The Senatorial candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) for Kogi West in the forthcoming general election, Barrister Dele Bello-Williams has admonished the people of Kogi West to persevere a bit as their sufferings will soon become history.

In his Christmas message, Barrister Dele Bello -Williams said he is disturbed with the situation of the people but urged them to tarry a bit.

He promised the constituents of Kogi West a new dawn of Responsible and Responsive Representation when he gets to the National Assembly.

He further expressed his sadness over the sufferings of the people amidst the hopelessness foisted on them by wicked and inconsiderate policies of those who ought to give them succor.

Barrister Dele Bello -Williams pledged to be the voice of the people of Kogi West when elected and declared that with the abundance of resources in the country, all that is needed is focused and committed leadership to turn the fortunes of the people around for good.

Beyond lawmaking, he promised to take advantage of his experience, knowledge and connection to make a positive difference.

He urged the people of Kogi West to keep hope alive because after the despair and pain foisted on them by callous leadership, a new dawn of prosperity will be born.

Barrister Dele Bello -Williams reminded the people that their destinies are in their hands and the next election has provided a golden opportunity to vote out those responsible for the woes they are experiencing and elect candidates of the African Democratic Congress.

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