Buhari vs Bello; Chauvinism Shielding Atrocity

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Wonders shall never end, “EYE SERVICE” in politics!!! Mcheeew.  Anyways, there is a debate between WAILERS AND HAILERS; And the out come by the panel of impartial judges, showed HAILERS have won. How?

Some states in Nigeria have been colonized in its entirety, into polishing and fine tunning government’s actions and judgements to a right but mere perpectives.
Usually, president Buhari and his cabinet members are legion of saint who does impeccable things at all time. For instance, Nigerian army relocated to the North east to combat Boko Haram but chose to counter ambush instead of taking the war to Sambisa forest. Yet chorusing an immense but futile efforts to have defeated the insurgence. Banning of food importation without provision for investment in local production – Nigeria will be self independent.
 The president, after retunning, unfitted, from his medical trips abroad – Buhari works from home and Nigerians shouldn’t worry as his friends and associates will foot his medical bill. But Rats invaded the president’s office and destroyed almost all the furniture, which attracted millions of Naira to recapture his office from “RAT INSURGENCE” during the period.
During Kachikwu (minister of state for petroleum) and Baru, (Group managing director) of NNPC saga; questions that were trickling from different quarters of the country, as to how Baru got mr president’s approval for the multi million Dollar controversial contracts he awarded were swept under the carpet. Even when the vice and the then acting president Yemi Osibanjo sent Baru back to Kachikwu. Rather, Kachikwu was denied access to Buhari in the much publicised 6th of october 2017’s visit to Aso rock.
Although Kachikwu may be cutting from a portion of nemesis, but Buhari’s refusal to see him while Baru was floated around Aso rock frequently by the president’s chief of staff shows his repugnancy to natural justice.
I can go on and on, the $1billion proposed withdrawal from ECA/FR account at the time election campaign is nigh, giving Nigerians a veinless promise of accountability.
President Buhari’s reactions to security threats ravaging the country and several corrupt allegations being levelled against his cabinet members yet left unquestioned. Most shockingly, some top corrupt officials of the past government later saw defection as an alternative to evading EFCC’s wrath.
 Back to business.
Prominent among them is Kogi state, the confluence city. The city with amazing and inalienable philosophy, but a hub for political misdemeanour plagued by mismanagement, corruption and ethical mal practices.
Governor Yahaya Bello had been very proactive in celebrating the president, as well as, repelling political bombshell prudently ushered against his (Buhari) misdeeds.
Evidently, while Buhari tarried to return from his medical trips in London and the masses, out of perplexity, protested for his appearance in Abuja house in UK.
Gov. Bello travelled to Daura with civil servants money to thank the Emir for Organising prayers for the president.
And when president Muhammadu Buhari finally returned, a whole work free day was declared on monday, the 21st of August 2017 to celebrate his return. Relieving Kogi state of millions of Naira as workers sat indoor and the state’s economy was dwindling.
Yahaya Bello had been to Aso villa for needless reasons as well as posing controversial comments, such as, Buhari has cured Nigeria, there will be no vacancy in Aso Rock comes 2019.
And most recently, the 50,000 acres of land earmarked by the state government in acceptance of cattle colony, and the repel attacks on religious clerics who conveyed the pains and agony of the people to the president himself By GYB.
The governor after Jumat service in the villa responded to the “vote of no confidence” to the president by the Catholic Bishops.
According to him, “Its true that Nigerians are angry, but what section of Nigerians are angry? Of course its those who uses Jet to lunder Nigerians’ money to South Africa in Dollars and those who used to loot and goes to the mosque and church to pay tithes but can no longer do so are angry.”
Well, I wished to be briefed explicitly, what GYB stands to gain from this avalanche of rant. Most especially, when Mr president himself seemed not to give a crush as regards the governor.
However, its patinent to say that Buhari’s government is plethoric of atrocious LOYALISTS, whose enormities are condoned within the scope of blame game benightedly ushered as a pretext for deterioration.
Just as OBJ conscientiously attested;
1. You are weak and incompetent.
2. You are covering big thieves and condoning corruption in your cabinet.
3. Maina’s pension loot and other corruption cases are either buried, ignored or covered.
4. Your change mantra is not working because its based on blame game rather than solution.
5. Your poor handling of sensitve issues has left Nigerians more divided then ever.
For record purposes, I bear no grudge against Mr president, but  National interest is imperatively a collective duty. Therefore, its advisable that he and his Loyalists should, without further delay, take a look at facts justifiably.
To whom much is given, much is expected. Nigerians trusted and saddled Buhari with enormous responsibilities. But we are yet to see him hit the ground running. The people are perplexed, the future is uncertain.
The thieves, we hoped to see reaping the fruit of nemesis are still floating shoulders around town. Like I said fomerly, the ruling party had become an umbrella shielding their head from the scorching sun of nemesis.
And if I may ask, how long should we trade National core issues for selfishness?
Loyalists in Buhari’s government have discredited him, and who are these infectous loyalists? They are the ministers he took so many months to appoint, Those defecting to the ruling All Progressive Congress party and those who are been indicted of one corrupt case or the other.
To rationalise 2019 ambition, the president must weigh between success and failure. Take a stance on on criminal chauvinist who had cliped to the president politically, in order to hedge justice.
As for Yahaya Bello, Kogi state will decide again, between the dark days and the rovlution that will give birth to a true patriotism.  And not even becoming the president of the senate will hamper the wrath of Justice. 2019 is loading.
– John Paul
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