Borderline Issues

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I know very well just as you all do that all is not well with the country. When we call a place home, it remains so for as long as permitted by forces. However, external forces are not enough to crumble a home except there is an in-person or a traitor. There are quite a number of issues on my mind. I call them border line issues.

I want to dwell on how the capitalist have been sapping the resources of Nigerians. Capitalist are not just some crude oil operators instead, they also include  market women, road side traders and all the tax evaders and maybe we can include all those big wig who have perfected the act of tax avoidance.

I know you must be trying hard to follow the path where I am leading but we will get there soon. During one of our morning devotion at my work place, my boss mentioned that it was absolute good to have a moderate interest rate. I knew it was true but in the subject of economics or in reality, it is nearly impossible to determine what is moderate. Since it is so, my boss concluded that some issues should be called borderline issues.

About the developed nations, I heard and read that taxes are never charged on mortgages. Robert Kiyosaki’s book alongside Former President Donald Trump provides insight into this claim in a book titled “The conspiracy of the rich”. On the other hand, these developed nations have blueprints which almost makes it possible moderately  tax and curb excess profit making. Wonder why anyone can accuse Former President Donald Trump of tax evasion? While it is true that there is a nation to look upon if we also want to be developed. I am at the same time moved to  delve into a niche, one that has constantly  raped the intelligence of the underdeveloped people. In fact, this niche is brings to the fore wrongs of many years ago.

Remember I told you about developed nations and its working mechanism. The west once asked Nigerians to devalue her naira so as to…whatever rubbish they gave as logical was readily bought by Gen. Sani Abacha. Ever since, the naira has suffered violently amongst her peers. It is so bad even the cedi thinks of the naira as a weaker vessel. This brings me to my earlier conclusion that a home remains so except there is a collusion between an external force and someone from within.  In this case, Gen. Sani Abacha was the in Man.

How then is it that one country is able to curb exploitation within her territory yet pushes another into it. That should be considered a high-level voodoo. Mine is not a resentment against the west rather it is against our supposed leaders whose integrity ends at the gate of petrodollars. It is against those market women who hike prices for no just cause. It is against those who live in luxuries yet compel others to live in penury.

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley

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