Book Review: True Story of Kabba by Chief JA Femi

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Title: My Life Time
Author: Joseph Ajayi Femi
No of Pages: 180
Book Reviewer: Adebayo Aka

My Life Time by Chief Joseph Ajayi Femi is the author’s memoir- the story of a life that served as ladder for the growth of his siblings. Besides, it is also the history of Nigeria’s military and civilian rulers from independence to 2020.

Included in this narrative is the analysis of the trial of former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Onnoghen, his removal and subsequently the story of the new CJN, Ibrahim Tanko who replaced him.

Chapters 6 to 13 are the most relevant and must read for indigenous people of Kabba who wish to refresh their memories, add new facts to the ones they are aware of, get acquainted with the real story of Kabba.

Do you want to know the real cause(s) of the Obaro crisis that once engulfed Kabba? Do you want to know when it started? Then you need a copy of the book.

The last chapter deals with the profile of important personalities in Nigeria including from Kabba town.

Though with few errors like exited instead of excited (p13), taking to instead of taken to (p15), giving instead of given (p16) and others, it is a book one will without sentiment recommend for students of Government and History as well as Current Affairs.

It is an exposition on where exactly the Obaro crisis started and the solution proffered to it. Grab your copy.

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