Bleeding Economy

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 Nigeria is a multi facet economy made up of six geopolitical zones; each of these zones is characterized by different climatic condition as well as ideology. The north for instance cannot be mistaken from the east. The west also bares its unique feature. But beneath the differences lies element of similarities in terms of sport, coloration, poverty. Sociologists prefer to term these similarities as cultural assimilation –born out of the 1914 marriage of the poor husband north and rich southern wife.

Nigeria, though a blessed land and in comparison to other nations with lesser mineral resources lags behind in terms of development. In a book titled “AFRICA altered states, ordinary miracle” written by Richard Dowden, he wrote about the perceptive of a certain first time missionary visitor to Africa. This visitor had a problem with the abundant blessings (weather, natural resources, agile humans) bestowed on Africans by God. In fact, he claimed that God sent everyone away from Eden and left a rather undeserving race of black people. To him, Africa was the old Eden.

In one of the most bizarre irony of history, Nigeria’s many resources have over the years created room for retrogression instead of progression. This seems to be the norm with every other African nation except for a few like Botswana and South Africa. Since the discovery of oil in the year 1956 at oloibiri in Niger Delta, the nation’s economy and other facet has come under severe rape. Our supposed leaders safe for some few instances have graduated becoming into maniacs readily and ever willing to squander a decade worth of income in a single day. No wonder a particular General Sani Abacha was able to stash away millions of dollar in far away Swiss bank.

The pen seems to be the greatest instrument for robbery; In fact, those who break into homes in the dead of the night are lesser criminals compare to some of Nigeria’s political office holders. This superior class of thieves representing a symbol of leadership failure rarely pride in anything Africa except for the many black slaves that answer to their needs in big mansions and edifice. Ironically, these sets of individuals are jealously guarded and also respected. His highness, honorable Sir, Your excellence…These are names reserved for the pen thieves.

Unlike other nations who are bent on dealing with the realities of the downturn effect of the great historical pandemic, ours played out like a deceitful movie. As usual, while the poor masses slave to feed, the pen lords colluded to fund the Phase one renovation of the national assembly complex with a whooping sum of N37bn which was later slashed to 27bn (check Surprisingly, (check -renovation-cuts-health-ube-votes/ ) only N25.5bn was devoted to the entire primary health care centers which cuts across 774 local government area. In other words, the Assembly complex is far more important than our health care system. If there be any change, I expect that the harrowing effect of corona virus would/should have taught our leaders to prioritize and patronize the health care system at home instead of financing medical tourism with humongous tax payer fund.

Perhaps, the pandemic provided some dishonest leaders with a speedboat- carting away of every inch of Nigeria’s earning in disguise. “The nation is in dire need” says the chorus and without an iota of shame, the acclaimed giant of Africa went on borrowing spree. No wonder Senator Dino Melaye wrote on his twitter handle “we sold crude oil for 64 years but we couldn’t feed our citizens for just two weeks of lockdown”. One would have expected a revered and judicious usage of the many aids and grants given to Nigeria but the whole deal leaves one wondering if all is well with the nation.

Alas, the concept of basking in the luxury of power, whether good or evil is revered always. Why is Adams Oshiomole angry with Obeseki? Certainly not for the overwhelming interest of the masses or his old labor members rather, it is for the course of personal aggrandizement. It is a poli-tricks ridden by the syndrome of takes all. It is the poli-tricks of a billion dollar for the leader and a million naira for the masses.

Poverty is an orphan; no one openly claims to be its lover. It explains completely why a people remain subdued and maligned. Late Nelson Mandela knew this and that is why he spoke vehemently against reckless governance which accounts for the continuous sapping of the masses wealth. Maybe someday, we will have a new breed ready to do the needful and the rightful. While the nation continues to bleed, the people hope for a doctor to cure her of her wounds and help her to live a normal life once again. If caution is thrown to the wind, soon, Nigeria would become a fallen tree caused by the dreaded termite which kept eating from the outside and leaving the bark untouched.

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley
Whatsapp: 08164454246

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