Blame Game Amidst Confounding Situation; Need to Change Direction in Kogi State

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After so much wailing that produced no positive result, I decided studied silence with persistent prayers for the administration of Gov Yahaya Bello was pertinent because all is definitely not well. I shouted myself hoarse on why I thought the unending screening will be the Achilles heel of this administration. Against sound judgment, those in charge refuse to learn from history that Kogi state is unique because ousting incumbents have become the norm. I have in conjunction with others prayed for God to deliver Gov. Yahaya Bello from his friends because from what is on ground he should not bother with enemies and virulent critics.


Avoidable and unnecessary deaths have been rampant and either plausible or not it has been linked with nonpayment of salaries and pensions. We have read discordant and confusing figures being flaunted that is not only embarrassing but nauseating because it has achieved the opposite of its objectives. The success of this administration will be to the benefit of all but when twisted logic and outright falsehood is being peddled to misrepresent the true situation on ground in the state as it affects workers and pensioners, adherence to tenets of faiths are being called to question. When titled men in religious settings are seen to be purveyors of blatant lies, then concluding that religiosity of modern Pharisees and Sadducees is on display won’t be out of place.


There is no way the agony and misery of many as witnessed in Kogi state can be justified or rationalized as any attempt to do so will end an exercise in futility. I have read sadly the politicising of an unfortunate incidence from both divides and what I see is callousness and insensitivity in display. All boils down to politics which is an exhibition of how far we have lost our humanness. There is no justification or rationalisation for owing any worker this long. It’s better to punish those who engaged in fraudulent acts that precipitated the unending screening.


During this period, we had those who were kidnapped on their way to or from screening with some paying the ultimate price. Some died in auto accidents, many passed on because they could not pay for drugs to treat ailments.


Yes, the percentage of civil servants to total population is marginal but the truth is that Kogi state is still a civil service state. It is a fact that the Almighty has endowed Kogi state with all that is needed for greatness in terms of human and natural resources but the dearth of focused, committed and purposeful leaders have been the obstacle.


Presently, there is so much lethargy and disillusionment occasioned by penury and hunger. The hailers want Kogites to believe all is well but sincerely things are not well and drastic action must be taken to restore trust and confidence in government.


Government must come clean and tell kogites the true position of things as ‘gidigbo’ and ‘ogboju’ will not suffice. Majority of Kogites are angry because of hunger and this I proclaim with every sense of responsibility. It’s time to cease chasing shadows and face reality.


Are certain categories of workers and pensioners owed more than two months as government will have us accept? The answer is in the affirmative and any presentation to the contrary no matter from who is deceitful and condemnable.


Time for appraisal and retrospection has come as no attempt to hoodwink or engage in collective hypnotism will work.  A hungry man is oblivious of any sermon either in the mosque or church.


The evening sun in Kogi state can still dry laundry if propaganda is jettisoned and the needful done.


Kogites are not interested in the color of the print of programs, they just want an end to their pain and misery.


I will advise HE, Alhaji Yahaya Bello to discreetly move out and feel the pulse of the average man and pay less attention to the ‘all is well’ chorus of aides who for selfish reasons will neither see nor hear evil.


The perception of majority of Kogites about the present government is unsavory and rightly so. The time to do right for and with Kogites is now.


I am not interested in the multiple birth theory of twins, triplets and quadruplets in the adjectives used to portray the cordiality among prominent officials of state but in everything that will bring joy, abundance of basic necessities of life to the people.


Late Soje’s death is regrettable and no matter how his method of passage is viewed by anyone, this new attempt to make believe it’s anything beside suicide is not only laughable but moronic. We have another trending video of another man who lost his daughter because he could not afford medical bills due to being owed ten months salary. The blame game goes on and for how long can the government afford this?


I read score of advertorials supposedly meant to show the government is not owing salaries as alleged but events of the past few days have put a lie and rendered the exercise a wasted and wasteful venture.


Irrespective of claims to the contrary, the strike by civil servants has been effective and business of government comatose.


The pertinent question is how do we resolve the crisis?


Government should as a matter of urgency, take a closer look at how the issue of salaries and pensions will be resolved with a view to solving same. Any jackboot proclamation will be counterproductive and government must stop blaming its inadequacies on real and imaginary political foes as doing so is admitting inability to confront and surmount challenges.


It’s obvious government in Kogi state have in its fold people with the knowledge, exposure and experience to move the state forward but it’s equally a fact that many in the administration have no business there as they are more of liabilities than assets.


Closely related to this is my firm believe that Kogi state is too big and complex for any single individual to claim ability to resolve its problems hence the need for teamwork. This idea of one brainbox is taking mediocrity to a ridiculous comical level. Conglomeration of ideas is the proper route to take.


Time is running out and desperate but reasonable measures are urgently needed to be taken to halt this gradual slide towards the edge.


The mantra should change to right direction from this new direction that has brought anguish to Kogites.


May the Lord grant our leaders the grace to take decisions that will bring succour to majority of Kogites.

– Charles Olalekan Aiyenigba

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