Bello Support Organization: What BSO Stands For

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Bello Support Organisation (BSO) is an organisation that forms a conglomerate of vibrant youths, women, activists, and professionals in all fields of human endeavours that are well rooted across the country, including the FCT. The organization is interested in national development where equity, justice and fairness would be achieved through the candidacy of Governor  Yahaya Bello.

Whom Are We?

We are youths and women in support of Governor Yahaya Bello’s aspiring ambition as the next President of Nigeria.

It is a group formed by states in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

What Do We Stand For?

We stand to give an assiduous political support to GYB, for him to achieve his ambitious aim, as Nigeria next President. We also stand to do this by spreading our task down to the grassroots, thereby having representatives down to all the polling units in the country (Nigeria).

Reason We Are Supporting GYB to be the Next No.1 Citizen of This Nation

i. GYB with his innovative style of leadership, and being an outstanding governor in Nigeria has given us urge to  create a platform to support his ambitious aim, as Bello Support Organization.

ii. GYB achieved the qualification as the most security conscious governor of the nation….With the method, zeal and intelligence to been able to safe the lives of Kogites, using different FG and local security personnels has convinced us in this organisation, to be supportive to him, to rule the country, so, as to implement the method and generat such in securing the life of Nigerians.

iii. He as a youth, vibrant, eloquent, game changer, are other convincing aspects which made us believe in him leading the country and refrain Nigerians from a mal- administrative forms leadership, help us manage/ use our economy accordingly.

iv. Youth and Women inclusiveness: GYB in his administration has proven to us that he is the vision of Youths and women, thereby making them having sense of belonging in all level of the government, this has has also made qualified aspirant we should work with 

Our Mission

To build a workable network of youths and women across the country that will support Governor Yahaya Bello in achieving his presidential ambition. 

Our Vision

To connect army of youths and women in campaigning for Governor Yahaya Bello’s presidential ambition, across all the 36 states and the FCT down to the polling units level.

Director General – Ahmad A. Muhammed
Secretary General – Isiaka I. Abdullah (NobleMan)
Women Leader – Hon. Lolo Kate Ognocha

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