Bello/Onoja: Between Mandate and Acceptance

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I couldn’t have envisaged this. An opportunist cum failure has regrouped, recuperated and synergized, this time, to bury what had been killed. Unfortunately, Kogites are becoming helpless. Even the cabals posing as owners of Kogi state cannot help it. The statesmen watch in awe, and the vulnerable Kogites are on the verge of decision- to either die or live at the perils of Yahaya Bello’s incompetence.

Do you know what?

All plans had been perfected, to kill, maim and rig themselves back to Lugard House. As we speak, aspirants on other political parties vying for the governorship position are smiling to the bank over an alert of N5 million bribe each from Yahaya Bello. The money is meant to induce them from going to court for been disqualified as well as to endorse the enfant terrible–we are in big trouble. 

2015 was the greatest tragedy in the history of the confluence city. We mistakenly coronated desperados to the seat of affairs. Although, such is not uncommon, many of us initially hoped to see the manifestations of a visionary youth, we thought it would be an act of nature that is meant to compel a better Kogi state. But here we are lamenting. If you talk, you die. If you don’t talk, hunger and even common malaria will kill you as a result of nonpayment of workers entitlement and absence of medical personnel in our hospitals. How did it happen? I don’t know but the hovering despondency may not end soon. Not when an ally cum chief of staff is been groomed as deputy governor. And not when the deputy governor will be succeeding the governor in 2023.

Fellow Kogites, the reality is that, Bello alone wouldn’t have allowed such injurious pain. Oh yes! Emperor Edward Onoja who believes he understands Kogi Easterners’ political flaws is the chief engineer. Have you sit to ask yourself why the governor seems taking to his feet in infrastructure and other sensitive aspects of governance lately? In case you have not, the current trends are tactics to lure the people into reelecting the-God forbid! We are wiser now.

Now, between mandate and acceptance lies the wish of the people that may not be expressed till eternity. It is that golden but seamless opportunities for Kogites to bluntly reject Yahaya Bello.

I have said this earlier, truth will begin to unfold in plain form. Kogites don’t want Yahaya Bello anymore but he is imposing himself on them. Ask the civil servant and in fact, average Kogite and you will be convinced. It is not possible for a sane man to see fire and go closer to get burnt. Even his supporters and Android Com-raids can testify in the closet.

As it is, Kogi’s Honeywell belong to Yahaya Bello and his second in command- Edward  Onoja. They keep sucking endlessly and living lavishly while the masses die in penury and want.

Ironically, we are in democratic era where MANDATE and ACCEPTANCE are two different ball games- whatever you desire to affect in the realm of leadership must be scrutinized and accepted by those involved. But the self acclaimed white lion refused to be cognitive of the fact. Instead, he has recently removed the tainted spectacle with which  his eyes has been blinded from the people’s plight and has embarked on financial inducement across various political parties, intimidation of aspirants and cheap political points.

Imagine! After plying Abuja Okene road for three years, Yahaya Bello is just calling on federal government for the reconstruction of the road. The same road that his fellow corrupt politicians had swallow the money for years.

Fellow Kogites, Okene Ajaokuta road had been awarded for reconstruction severally but the money keep disappearing- another question that the ministry of work and housing may have to answer in heaven. As it is, only God knows when the road will witness change, because, Federal Government had warned that states should not ask for money for constructing federal roads in their state. Besides, Yahaya Bello has gone to Aso Rock to claim funds for maintaining the said road.

Meanwhile, I celebrate Barrister Natasha Akpoti, her running mate as well as Mr. Yusuf Dantalle who refused to accept the said bribe. Their names are written in gold and history will forever be kind to them.

Can you see how clueless our politicians are? What stops Yahaya Bello from paying salaries and confront real business of governance with the money he is bribing everyone with? I am ashamed of this government. The sanctity of morality is dead and will forever be dead in them.

Be that as it may, we must stand for what we want and against what we hate. Yahaya Bello is a common enemy and removing him alone would be a remarkable height of success. Igala, Ibaji, Egbira, Okun and even Yoruba, we are one and Kogi belong to us. Therefore, the weapon for destroying the common enemy is UNITY.

We will meet again.

– John Paul.

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