Be Proactive: Lessons From the Lockdown (2)

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Leadership is not just a product of the number of your followers, title, or position, but the extent of your influence. Your degree of responsiveness to challenges and the proportion of results have a lot to say about your creative ability and problem-solving capacity.

 The lockdown has shown individual capacity to feel concerned, to give, to sacrifice, to encourage others in any way or sacrificially offer an idea in view of solidarity.

All over the globe, the excesses of some Governments came to the fore but it’s obvious that a pandemic like this calls for everyone to lead at some points, either within the family, street, network of friends, online platforms, company or organizational strata, or any tier of Government, even foreign partnership or intervention.

The power of power is for service and not exploitation and the beauty of giving or sharing lightened my world and the entire globe. Humanity gravitated towards authentic leadership to stay alive.

It’s good to know one’s area of passion or proficiency that add value to humanity and exhibit such traits or skills, right from the medical personnel, political leaders, religious leaders, community or traditional leaders, parents/guardians, NGOs, unions and various organizations home and abroad. They operated either as solo/ collective efforts or in partnership.
I have come to the inference that everyone truly have influence and fighting for humanity should be beyond “boarders”.

It is a huge demand to lead people through unpredictable and fearful situations like covid-19 because of its complexity and even the leaders are vulnerable too. Mere staying indoors to oversee my nuclear family was a huge task, talk much of the leaders in the medical field and other professional or essential services that must be up and doing during the lockdown.

The bottom line is to be occupied with doing good always, not minding how merger or unappreciated it is. Whatsoever situation you go through, don’t forget to commit to something bigger than you to improve the world. Know what area you are passionate about, lend your voice and make a social shift.

– Isaac K. Obajemu writes from Kogi State.

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