Bassa Needs Peace, SDP Reps Candidate, Sani Idakwo Appeals

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I would like to make this compassionate appeal to our people in Bassa Kwomu and Egbira districts of Bassa local Government to please stop the killings and embrace peace. 

The progress and development we all seek for our communities in this two districts can only be guaranteed in an atmosphere of peace. 

The persistent communal clashes between the Bassa Kwomus and the Egbiras is counter productive to say the least; as lives and properties have been lost as well as many displaced. 

Both districts must learn to forgive one another and live together in peace once again as it has always being for decades. 

May I remind you all, that the beauty of Bassa Local Government is in its cultural and ethnic diversity.

I would like to use this opportunity to call on the kogi state government and the security agencies  to stem this ugly tide between the Bassa Kwomus and the Egbiras. I also would want to call on our two great traditional leaders; The Aguma of Bassa and the Oyegba of Mozum, both i know  and believe possesses the abilities to bringing this communal clashes to a peaceful end.

I am of the opinion that those that seek to divide and destroy Bassa will not succeed. 

Peace is priceless. Let’s give peace a chance.

– Sani Idakwo Philips
SDP House of Reps Candidate, Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency. 

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