Barr. Tunde Irukera: A Perfect Example of a Thorough Okun Breed

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I see an Okun man who is purposeful, unassuming, calm and excellent in dealings. Uncle Tunde Irukera having paid his due through the ranks, has come to let us all know what the definition of service is.
He is intellectually sophisticated, tactful and  endowed with  versed  knowledge of the need of his people. I have  read alot about this  brilliant and energetic Egbe Prince.
I was however not disappointed an inch when I listened to his speech during the October 20th ODA election in Kabba.  I met his father, the Elegbe of Egbe shortly after the ODA election. I interacted with Kabiesi, it was then I concluded that,  beauty, calmness, intelligence and high level of moral runs in the family. I was almost implicated by Elegbe as he out of simplicity made attempt  to stand to greet me. I had to rushed down to him and fell on my chest.
A Prince of international dealings, yet gentle and down to earth but noble in character.
I called at his Consumer Protecting Council office in Abuja and I was baffled with his simplicity. I was received as a king and treated as a very important personality. We had useful discussion!
I concluded within me that Okun is blessed, Kogi is blessed and Nigeria is indeed very blessed with Barrister Tunde Irukera.
We need many of Babatunde Irukera to take up public offices.
A perfect example of a thorough Okun bread is Tunde Irukera!
May God bless Uncle Tunde.
– Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola

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