Babadoko: A Smell of Good Omen of Victory in 2019

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It was a gathering of the eagles and the eaglets when I visited the former lawmaker. The purpose is to congratulate the Lukpan of lokoja and the former house of assembly member of lokoja | constituency who is into the race to contest the House of assembly seat. Hundreds of Women and Youths, delegates of PDP and political associates across Lokoja |  state constituency agoged out in show of loyalty and support to the man they regarded as the burden carrier of the masses chanting and singing “Sai Gurza,”extolling Suleiman Babadoko for his good intentions for them at the state assembly come 2019.
When taken up sample opinion on the chances of Babadoko, many are of the view that the young visionary man is having the true qualities of a leadership.
Yaqub Bagudu who came all the way from kabawa Ward E the second largest ward in the local govt said Babadoko has done what others could not do buy empowering Youths and Women. According to him, few years ago he has known Babadoko to be a passionate philanthropist who is doing it without having second thought or doing with a payback syndrome.
“I want to believe this man is contesting because people want him not minding the zoning system, since I have been hearing of this man, is one story of his goodness to another to all people not minding your religion, tribe or looking at your face before he can help you. I can name more than ten youths he empowered with cars and some with capital to start up a business,” Yaqubu said
A woman by name Hajiya Asma’u responded at the venue of her staunch loyalty to the man she calls ‘super man’, not because of anything else but For his simplicity, humility and giving alms to people. A habit in him that distinguished him to be an honourable Man of value.
“We’ve once had a Representative Member that if he shakes hand with you, he will wash his hand with water and mop it without a white hanky. He detest people to the extend that he cannot even sit close to you. But I’m telling you Babadoko is super good in nature, his down to earth life is attracting me to him and by Grace of God I will mobilise, galvanize other Women to support him,” she said
Many delegates, well meaning individuals and politicians were all with the central view that Babadoko has a good name as his price tag, he has the will and political structure to be the next member representing Lokoja | state constituency at the 7th assembly
Seeing the galaxies of political personalities, supporters and admirers, Babadoko was full of thanks to them for believing in him to carry their cross.
He opined that what takes his political stage principles is selfless service to the people, service to bringing succour and empowering women and Youths to be on their own to succeed. These he will pursue if God wills prevails over the intent of his opponent.
– Abbas Yahaya

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