Austin Okai: The Symbol of Political Frustration

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By Omotugba Tolu.
Overtime, i had always appealed to aggrieved Kogites around me not to vilify the young man called Austin Okai but instead, educate him or perhaps, pray for him. I’ve also had cause to tell some of my friends on social media that when next i set my eyes on him (Austin Okai), I’ll run up to him, embrace him with smile and whisper into his ears “life can be so difficult for a blind man”.
I’ve struggled so hard to wave aside his consistent display of low-depth but at every point, I’m constantly reminded that; “our lives begin to end the day we start keeping silent on things that matter”, hence, the reason for my response to his recent publication that tried (without success) to misrepresent the ‘omoluabi’ person of the Honourable Majority Leader of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Prince Matthew Kolawole.
May i be the first person to help Mr Okai’s alienated ignorance viz:
1. Hon Matthew Kolawole was elected as a member of the KSHA primarily to represent the interest of his constituents and Kogites in general and not to appeal to the self seeking appetite of PDP as envisaged by him.
2. Being the majority leader of the KSHA, he (Prince Kolawole) is vested with the right to, unbehalf of his colleagues appreciate and reciprocate gestures coming from every quarters of the society.
3. Even if a vote of confidence on the governor was sponsored by the honorable majority leader as wrongly opined by Okai’s article, it would have been a laudable testament to the infrastructural stride, cleansing of civil service, revitalization of the agricultural sector and other feats that have been attained by the GYB led administration.
4. An attempt to down-dress Hon Mattew Kolawole is an attempt to insult the collective sensibility of his constituents of which i belong to.
Here is a free advice for Mr Okai:
Criticise rationally or re-direct the power of your pen towards a lucrative venture in contrast to the foregoing dissipation of energy without a commensurable gain of any sort. Albeit, if you must continue, be guided as not to incur the wrath of Kabba/Bunu indigenes who are yet to express dissatisfaction with the roles of their representative in the House of Assembly.
Quite lucid you are yet to recover from the deep shock occasioned by a punctured expectation in the last election. It may interest you to know that unlike the past administrations that fell for your media stunts, the present administration can neither be distracted by cacophony of ‘relevance seekers’ nor opposition of any form because the political will tilts beyond frivolities.
Again, if you deliberately allow sentiments and unprovoked hatred to clowd your sense of reason, days ahead,a patriotic kid (within the age group of your grand son) would do you good by tapping you and whispering into your ears; “GYB is working, KOGI is moving”.

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