Austin Okai Gets International Appointment from UN Council

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For his unrivalled human rights records and unscathed social awareness and practices, United Nations council has honoured Comrade Usman Austin Okai, through his inauguration into the UN Economic and Social Council in Africa, ECOSOC.

The appointment letter was jointly signed by Dr Jovylyn Espalabra, UNESC secretary General and Dr Yosep Kang, UN Goodwill Ambassador/UN Human Rights peace Ambassador, stating “it is an honour for Usman Okai Austin to be appointed into UNESC service to humanity”.

The UNESC Africa Total Chairman, Prof Nath Luga while confirming the appointment, said; “The inauguration was carried out purely on merit and on the recognition of recipient on the account of his efforts.”

The inaugural ceremony was witnessed by UNESC officers in Abuja, including the head of Nigeria UNESC, Dr. Blessing.

The UNESC is an arm of the United Nation that pursue the UN goals in humanitarian services.

The body is also charged as policy formulators, recommendations and subsequently addressed to member states and the parent body, the UN. ECOSOC serves as the central forum for the discussion of international economic, social, humanitarian and environ- mental issues, and for formulating policy recommendations addressed to Member States and the United Nations system.

Comrade Okai was carefully selected to represent Nigeria, Africa at the frontiers of the UN council to pursue further seamless humanitarian services, that is related to economic, social, environmental issues.

Okai who has been at the forefront of the struggle for a classless society in Nigeria, was deemed fit to propagate the ideals of UN council.

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