ASUU-Kogi Govt Face-Off; Negotiation is The Key

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The issue of ASUU strike is no longer news in Kogi state as the strike has lingered on for almost 7 months, yet at the end instead of bringing to play effective conflict resolution measures,our high handed Governor has but deepen the crisis with his illegal proscription of the union.
In as much as we all want an uninterrupted academic sessions, free from strike actions we must as well be considerate enough to know that ASUU mist time is not the sole reason for the strike, it’s actually true that in every bargain no single person have it all as it invariable that there should be shifting ground and some level of compromise for effective and efficient conflict resolution. But the case of Kogi state chapter of ASUU and the state government is a different one, as the illegal proscription was too a hasty decision to take and whoever have advised the governor to tour that path has but worsen the situation of the ailing institution.
The governor should as a matter of fact swallow his pride and make moves into mending bridge between the state government and the union by first taking abolishing the illegal proscription of the union, so as to pave room for negotiations towards the complete resolution of the subject matter.
ASUU have stood their ground that their colleague who were employed in 2015 must be paid all accrued salaries, yes!! The  are right, as its not ideal for government to stop the payment of salaries during screenings since the people you are screening are still working, the only time you can stop paying them is after the screening and report shows they were not legally engaged. But the Yahaya Bello-led administration has illegally claimed their employment was political and as such they have no place in the scheme of affairs… Ohhhh what an archaic style of governance??
ASUU is one of the most highly principled and technical union to toil with and as such any reasonable government must be mindful of the aftermath of its action in dealing with them, but the action and proclamation of Kogi State government has shown to the world how inexperienced and short tempered they are.
Going further to advertise vacancies in the institution is not only childish but what I will refer to as self deception cause it’s a fight that the governor and his cronies can never win.
All this are delay tactics that will cause more harm than good and also delays the destiny of our teeming youths, dialogue remain the best alternative and I advice that both parties should compromise and make things easier for the over all interest if the students.
ASUU should please engage the government again and the government of their own side should humbly make the utmost use of the opportunity to bring to an end this avoidable strike.
Omachi Isaac Achor

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