As Gov. Bello Turns Kogi Traditional Rulers to Lobbyists

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Governor Yahaya Bello’s continuous romance of traditional rulers in Kogi to support his 2nd term ambition witnessed a new dimension on Wednesday as he led some traditional rulers to visit President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock to portray him a worthy candidate for the upcoming November 16 Kogi Gubernatorial election.

The traditional rulers, in the name of loyalty, deemed it fit to escort their Governor to President Buhari for endorsement; what a shame! what an utter disgrace you are to royalty and humanity as a whole. You have betrayed the trust of your people all in the worship of mammon.

Tell me what you went to endorse? Your people are suffering and dying of hunger everyday but that is of little importance so far your pockets is being filled with cash. All you care about is the huge amount of Naira involved. You went to endorse a Governor who is owing backlog of salaries without any show of concern or remorse. You are not worthy again to be mentioned in the same sentence as the word “Royal” not to talk more of the great word “Father” being used for you because people of your kind have nothing Royal in you.

You are expected to be the mouth piece of the public but you have turned yourself to a Political Lobbyist. You are in silent mode about the people’s plight so far your phones are ringing with credit alerts from your paymaster.

I expect the traditional rulers to lobby for speedy revival of Ajaokuta Iron and Steel company, quick fixing of Kogi roads and resolution of communal crisis, instead they went to endorse GYB for the second term. We expect our royal fathers to stand for justice and what is right, not to support hypocrites. You are expected to defend the defenseless and not to turn yourself to a political tool in the hand of a tyrant.

No infrastructure, no Job for the teeming populace, no salary and yet you, through your selfishness and love for money, have turned Joseph’s brothers betraying your people and trying to sell them into slavery again by endorsing the worst Governor ever to rule Kogi sate.

I pray God Almighty endorses your suffering the way you endorsed GYB’s second term (Amen).

Some notable first class monarchs were present at the endorsement party. You have committed the most grievous of acts in humanity which will forever remain in history books. Try and ask for forgiveness from your subjects even though what you did is unforgiving. It would have been best for you to reject the desperate offer from Mr Bello to visit Aso Rock, but you gladly accepted the golden opportunity to enrich your pocket to the detriment of your integrity.

One day you will realise the damage you have done to your family name;both present and upcoming ones. You have left an indelible stain on your white garment (that is if you had any before) and is left for you to go around with it for the rest of your life.

I will salute the courage of the few traditional rulers who turned down GYB’s invitation to Abuja for endorsement. You have demonstrated your boldness and love for your people. You have made us believe that there is hope for humanity, you never followed the multitude to do evil. You didn’t flinch even in the face of threats and intimidation, you stood your ground and planted your feet in the rock of truth, the rock will never fail you. You showed that you are not cowards and are worth referring to as a leader. You sacrifice to stand for the truth. I pray no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Amen.

Finally, I will also advise The White Lion as popularly called by his blind supporters to embark on a visit to Bourdillon for Asiwaju’s endorsement and as well mobilise his Kogi traditional lobbyist team to Comrade Oshiomole in Edo for a perfect preparation for November. We shall know who is who between the traditional rulers and the masses come November 16.

– Alex Ajayi writes from Lokoja.

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