Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Salamatu Baiwa Salutes Nigerian Heroes

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By Yusuf Abubakar.

National Woman Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hajia Salamatu Baiwa has applauded the efforts of past heroes that solidified and ensured the continuous unity and progress of the country.

Baiwa, in a message to mark the 2020 commemoration of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, recalled those who sacrificed their lives in the course of service to their fatherland, as well as celebrate those alive who have unalloyed commitment to continue to serve the country.

“The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain. Today, we remember our fallen Nigerian soldiers who died in service and protection of our country. We also celebrate those who are still alive and remain gallant and committed to serve, protect and die for our country just so we can all have brighter futures,” she said.

She commended the dogged determination of the Armed Forces in the area of manning the internal and external security to forestall any untoward aggression against Nigeria 

“From countering internal security issues to protecting our borders, the importance of their hard work cannot be underestimated”. 

The National Woman Leader prayed for the families of officers who have sacrificed to ensure unity of the country, and urged them to be consoled by the fact that this country remain indivisible and indisoluble through the efforts of their offshoots.

“May their bravery and sacrifice not be in vain.  May the families who have lost loved ones serving our country be provided solace to bear their loss”.

Baiwa tasked those alive to sustain the tempo of service to their fatherland,so as to guarantee the future of our children yet unborn.

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