Appraisal: Embracing Unity, Progress and Peace for Okuns Ahead of 2027 and Beyond

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As Okuns look towards the future, it is imperative to foster unity, progress, and peace as foundational principles, setting aside divisive tendencies, selfish interests, and animosities. This appraisal aims to emphasize the positive outcomes of embracing cohesion and cooperation, particularly in the context of a unified vision for Okun people in Lugard House.

1. Strength in Unity:

  • Cultural Diversity: Okuns are a diverse group with rich cultural heritage. Embracing unity allows for the celebration and preservation of this diversity, creating a stronger and more resilient community.

2. Progress through Collaboration:

  • Economic Development: Unity fosters collaborative efforts, essential for economic progress. By pooling resources and expertise, Okuns can create sustainable development initiatives that benefit the entire community.

3. Sustainable Peace:

  • Social Harmony: A united Okun community is better positioned to address social challenges, promoting inclusivity, tolerance, and understanding among its members.
  • Conflict Resolution: Unity provides a strong foundation for peaceful conflict resolution, reducing internal strife and enhancing the overall well-being of Okun people.

4. Divide and Rule: A Counterproductive Approach:

  • Weakens Collective Power: Divisive tactics undermine the collective strength of the Okun people, making them susceptible to external influences and challenges.
  • Stifles Progress: Internal divisions impede progress, hindering the community’s ability to address pressing issues and capitalize on opportunities.

5. Overcoming Selfishness and Hatred:

  • Shared Vision: Embracing a shared vision promotes a sense of purpose that transcends individual interests, fostering a culture of cooperation and selflessness.
  • Building Trust: Overcoming hatred requires building trust and understanding, creating an environment where Okuns can work together for the common good.

6. Preparing for Leadership in Lugard House:

  • Positive Image: A united Okun community presents a positive image to the larger political landscape, enhancing the potential for effective leadership in Lugard House.
  • Collective Influence: A unified Okun front holds greater influence in advocating for policies and projects that benefit the entire region.


As Okun people look towards 2027 and beyond, embracing unity, progress, and peace is not just a choice but a necessity for sustained growth and development. By setting aside divisive tendencies, selfish interests, and hatred, Okuns can build a future that reflects their rich cultural heritage and paves the way for a stronger, more prosperous community. It is a collective responsibility to shape the destiny of Okun people in Lugard House, and this journey must be anchored in unity, progress, and peace.

– Dr Bolufemi Olarotimi Obadiah
OkunBlood 100%.

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