APC’s Allegation Against PDP: A Soliloquy of A Nigerian

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The recent comments emanating from the APC about the proposed plans of the PDP to lure defectors back to the party with several millions of dollars is not only reflective of the moral morass that aptly explains the political terrain of the country, but also paints the picture of the cataclysmic corruption deeply woven into the Nigerian fabric.

One finds it very hard to accept, even if the comments were all lies, and PDP has tried to deny it, that someone would have thought of such wanton waste of money that is so hard to find for almost 75% of the Nigerian population, to satisfy the impish, incessant selfish desires of some class of individuals in the country.

I am not lending credence to this report, or let me say allegations, in any way. I am not an APC party member, neither am I in PDP.

I have seen enough in the political clime of this country to know that you do not join a cause, just because it is the latest in town, or the oldest available. Rather, for the ideologies, and legacy such a cause will leave for posterity.

What I am trying to nail in is that this statement is unwelcome at a time like this. It is disgraceful and shameful. It is so uncaring to the ears of many who are desirous of significant changes that will trickle down to the ordinary man.

Since Mr. President has promised to leave the country better than he met it, then such allegations against the party on whose platform he stands, should not be allowed to stay without clarity.

The way the political class brandish dollars to assuage minds to their cause is very disturbing. You now know why the Naira usually flattens out against the dollar! The greenback has almost now become the currency of transactions among them; and even their wards and family members now spend it with impunity as if the good of land were meant for them alone.

At a time when statistics of how many Nigerians live below the threshold of $1 per day to cater for their needs are banal, hearing such comments is nauseating, to be modest.

Many retirees have become almost like dead men walking on the streets, just because many for years, have not been paid their gratuities and benefits. Imagine how on of them who is probably being owed a few hundreds of thousands, even a few in millions of Naira, will feel if hears that some people may take home a whooping $10 Millions just to go back to their vomits. Ah! I just can not fathom from where this thought originated from.

The rate of unemployment is still at an alarming level, many youths have now lost taste for tertiary education and would rather go into business, only to be strangulated by the untold hardship of doing it in an environment where, even, the most basic needs of life are not available.

Recently, reports have it that the U.S. added another 150,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate is slashing downwards continually. Wherever you see a responsive government that is constantly looking for avenues to improve conditions of livelihood of the citizenry that entrusted them with the privilege of leadership, this is what you see, and hear.

Many Nigerians are suffering! Many are frustrated! I do not intend to highlight other issues just to save you time of the obvious. You just need to park your car, if you have any, and study the passers-by to confirm my submission. The other day, I saw a sane man approach a refuse dump to look for what to eat, early in the morning. Only God can say if he ever saw anything because, nowadays, for many households, the mantra is…’and let nothing be wasted!’

I see, only as an aside, the argument of how PDP hopes to fund this waste, if true- it is only a waste of time, if you are very conversant with the nature of politics in Africa.

The Nigerian political class never learn, never ever. They almost always without fail, forget that power is nothing but a privilege given to them firstly by God, and then the people. God also owns the exclusive right to set up and put down. So, this party-to-party migration is only an exercise in futility, that at best, will only breed a bunch of souls with greed.

If you do not understand history, then you are bound to repeat it. The political history is replete with people who paid lip service to the needs of their people, and how they ended. God is the judge of all things and everybody, it is only a matter of time!

Ayokunle is a writer, and is expectant for a New Nigeria.


+234 805 315 7634.

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